Frozen Way

Ice, Snow, Road, Winter, Cold, Season

A snowbound road too slick to pass

Diversions and detours along the way.

How is it that life seems to stop,

Because it is a snowy day?

How can a flake so delicate,

Hold great machines at bay –

When it so easily melts away?

dVerse – Quadrille 119 — No way. Way!


Bird, Dove, Fly, Nature, Wing, White

I had a look at the azure sky

As clouds ethereal – insubstantial drifted by

I spied there a dove delicatefrail

The symbol of benevolent peace there fly


Same, Same, But Different –

“Take the five challenge words and NOT use them in your writing. 

Your words are:

  1. see
  2. blue
  3. soft
  4. kind
  5. weak

Sunlight’s Retreat

Copyright Padre’s Ramblings

Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photo Challenge includes a category of Sunlight/Moonlight. This photo I think captures that transition period of sunlight’s retreat before yielding way to moonlight. It was taken on a cruise near the Canary Islands.

Sunlight retreating, yielding way

Off for a rest at the close of day

Sister Luna shall take oversight

And hold her vigil throughout the night

Then like clock-work at the dawn

The sun shall return with a stretch a yawn


Absolutely Free

Gray Concrete Road in Between Trees
Harry Cooke at Pexels

Standing guard
Along roadway
Twisting and snaking
On a journey travelled
By just the pine-scented breeze
Not disturbed by mere human kind
Tranquil nature expressing true joy
Being itself and absolutely free




Moon on blue sky in nature
Ben Mack at Pexels

Selene, why do you stare so?

What is it that attracts you here below?

As your face shines down upon us

Is there something particular you seek to know?

Are our lives of such interest

That you shed light upon them even as we sleep?

Or is it merely that you are restless

As your silver vigil you keep?


Shared on dVerse

Early Morn

Pasture, Fog, Birds, Grass, Field, Meadow, Fence

Early morn and a light fog cloaks the land

Earth crisp with the touch of Winter’s hand

Cold air sharp on nose and lungs

As you venture outwards under the weak sun

Early morn – the starlings begin their day

The frozen meadow underfoot crunches

As you make your way


Away From It All

woman in gray jacket sitting on gray tent looking at mountains during daytime
Andrew Peluso at Unsplash

Away from it all

No need for those masks

Cutting firewood –

Drawing water – your only tasks

Away from it all – it feels so free

None of the concerns of the big city

And yet the holiday will come to an end

But don’t worry about that till next weekend