As Bumbles Buzz

Heath-The Bumble Bee

As bumbles buzz along their daily path

And the blooms of summer begin to fade

Fruit ripens turning gold or red

And thoughts of school impending fills our head

A perfect season comes to close

We await the days shortening – growing cold

We watch a butterflies their final rounds make

And in the evening tales of summer adventures are told

As the bumbles buzz – heading for home


After the Rain

Rainbow, Weather, Sky, Clouds, Panorama

When the sun through clouds creeps

And warm beams the soils do dry

It is like a sweet regeneration

As freshly watered plants reach to sunlit sky

Pathways steam in the warming sun

And flowers their blooms stretch open

All is refreshed and new again

And sound returns to the solar fountain

Its splash and trickle instead of the rain

At least until the clouds return again


Giants’ Respose

Autumn, Forest, Log, Moss, Leaf, Nature

Dark giants upon the loam prostrate lie

Clothed in robes of emeald green

Shadows incroach upon their slumber

As canopy roof hides them from the sky

How came these titans to here rest?

What labours prompted their long repose?

Was it feats of consequence grand

That fatigued them beyond the power to stand?



Blue Flower, Dew, Dewdrops

a soft drizzle falls
earth dampening by morning
flowers drink in life
the sunshine returns
nights dampness away it burns
the cycle goes on
water and sun, night and dawn
nature in its endless turns

In Colleen‘s challenge, she has posted a new form she devised. It is a “haiku (3-5-3) and a tanka (5-7-5-7-7 with an end rhyme of a, a, b, b, a) together and call it a tanku. Rhyme scheme (x, x, x, a, a, b, b, a). No title.” Her challenge was to create our own new forms which I will try too, but I just had to give her form a go as well. Please see it above.



Eric Muhr at Unsplash

Have I come this way before?

Are those my prints on the forest floor?

Or has another come this way?

Might I meet someone if I sit and stay?

But the wood is vast and those tracks aren’t clear,

Might they belong to some passing deer?

I could wait, then I’d see

But alas those at home are waiting for me


Bird Bath

Pigeon, Birds, Animals, Gray Color, Paris, France

As from my window I chanced to peek

I spied a pigeon dip its beak

Into my pond ornamental

But the bird did fail to settle

And stepped too far onto the pond weed

‘Twas not dy land as the fowl percieved

So in shock it did flap and shake

Having discovered too late its big mistake


Really humourous to watch a very plump pigeon fall into my garden pond. Nature provides some great entertainment.

Moment More

brown field near sea during daytime

David Clode at Unsplash

The wind sweeps across the dunes

And waves break upon the shore

Barren yet beautiful the scene calls

The hear to seek to spend there a moment more

To leave and return to the realm of men

The daily rush of commerce

Seems not so much a life real

But something quite inverse

So give me but a minute more

That my soul with nature can converse