In The Image

We are in the image of God above

Body, mind, and spirit – made thereof

In our nature united – three-in-one

Not just Christians, but everyone

There is a mission set by Him above

That our actions be driven by

Faith, hope, and love

And as we let this guide us – we will grow

And our godly image – to the world will show


Thank you Pastor Vince for a thought provoking message



Gold, orange, red on the horizon arrayed

And with each passing breeze they begin their cascade

Making a carpet of autumn hues

Crunching underneath our passing shoes

The beauty of nature wondrously displayed

As children await the raking,

So in the piled leaves they can wade


Tampering With Nature

My thanks to Fandango for introducing me to The Squirrel Chase and their one-to-three challenge. I had in my file a photo of a butterfly visiting the back garden. While the lavender and vlinder are works of divine art, by photography isn’t. The challenge to run the photo through a photo processor provided some lovely results, however.



“Just look at the state of our garden. I can’t belief the council doesn’t do more to control these pests. I mean it isn’t like they do much of anything else around here . . . .”

A mole hill’s bump

Into a knoll does rise

A becomes a hill before her eyes

Climbing still into a majestic peek

A Himalayan berg, to hear her speak


Blackthorn Hedge

Delicate blossoms like tiny stars

Constellations white against green presented

Inviting – though housed amidst biting thorn

Being drawn too close – a thing to be regretted

A boundary natural -yet by men planned

A symbol of ownership over the land

And still the hedge is a world its own

Where sparrow and hedgepig make their home




A day a bit more than breezy

Making getting home less than easy

Trees down and roof tiles blowing

Twigs and rubbish aloft going

Two storms in quick succession

Is mother nature teaching us a lesson?