Blackthorn Hedge

Delicate blossoms like tiny stars

Constellations white against green presented

Inviting – though housed amidst biting thorn

Being drawn too close – a thing to be regretted

A boundary natural -yet by men planned

A symbol of ownership over the land

And still the hedge is a world its own

Where sparrow and hedgepig make their home




A day a bit more than breezy

Making getting home less than easy

Trees down and roof tiles blowing

Twigs and rubbish aloft going

Two storms in quick succession

Is mother nature teaching us a lesson?


As Bumbles Buzz

Heath-The Bumble Bee

As bumbles buzz along their daily path

And the blooms of summer begin to fade

Fruit ripens turning gold or red

And thoughts of school impending fills our head

A perfect season comes to close

We await the days shortening – growing cold

We watch a butterflies their final rounds make

And in the evening tales of summer adventures are told

As the bumbles buzz – heading for home


After the Rain

Rainbow, Weather, Sky, Clouds, Panorama

When the sun through clouds creeps

And warm beams the soils do dry

It is like a sweet regeneration

As freshly watered plants reach to sunlit sky

Pathways steam in the warming sun

And flowers their blooms stretch open

All is refreshed and new again

And sound returns to the solar fountain

Its splash and trickle instead of the rain

At least until the clouds return again


Giants’ Respose

Autumn, Forest, Log, Moss, Leaf, Nature

Dark giants upon the loam prostrate lie

Clothed in robes of emeald green

Shadows incroach upon their slumber

As canopy roof hides them from the sky

How came these titans to here rest?

What labours prompted their long repose?

Was it feats of consequence grand

That fatigued them beyond the power to stand?