Moment More

brown field near sea during daytime

David Clode at Unsplash

The wind sweeps across the dunes

And waves break upon the shore

Barren yet beautiful the scene calls

The hear to seek to spend there a moment more

To leave and return to the realm of men

The daily rush of commerce

Seems not so much a life real

But something quite inverse

So give me but a minute more

That my soul with nature can converse


Song Bird’s Haven

Blue Tit, Nest Building, Song Bird, Moss, Moss In Beak

To build a place to call my own

A home as by me envisioned

My own hands to craft the frame

And its details of my own imagination

How diligently the song bird

With a twig within its beak

Goes to fashion a haven for its eggs

And a place for the night to sleep



Lavender Field

Lavender, Field, Girl, Picking, Basket


Colleen’s challenge is to write in a specific form and she has cited haiku and senryu as the week’s choice. She notes: “The current standards for creating Haiku in English suggest a form with three lines and syllables of 3/5/3 (11 syllables). Even the more abbreviated haiku version with three lines and syllables of 2/3/2 (7 syllables) is now thought of more favorably than the traditional 5/7/5 format.” I have therefore gone with the abbreviated seven syllable form.


Gaze Aloof

Long-Eared Owl, Bird, Tree, Perched, Asio Otus, Owl
Candid_Shots at Pixabay

I gaze aloof at the world below

All the creeps underneath me – under my control

Shall it scamper free for yet another day?

Or shall it its fate be to me to fall prey?

I am the master of the night

And my shrill nocturnal call

A thing that brings fright

Yet it is the silence that should bring dread

As I soundlessly swoop down from my flight