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They called it a newspaper, and I am sure that was half right.  The local tabloid contained an inordinate amount of advertising, and announcements of upcoming events of various nearby organisations, but to call what it featured “news” was greatly exaggerated.   Oh, there was that one case, however, when they did report that the Miller’s henhouse was raided by a fox.  I guess that could qualify as news.


Weekend Writing Prompt #225 – Newspaper in 68 words

image from Pixabay

News (2)

Newspaper, News Media, Print Media

There’s some good news –

And some bad news.

That was fake news,

Says the half-baked news.

Fox News and what’s not news;

No news is good news.

Yesterday’s news –

Is still news –

If you haven’t heard news.

It’s enough to thrill news

That’s just about enough news muse.


Say What?


Corona Virus – the news may not be fake

But it’s not as big a deal as the media makes

Limiting commerce, it’s not the American way

So book a resort – where you can stay

Golf and relax, and gratuities pay

You can worry about your health some other day




The views above are offered as a satirical take on the views of certain prominent public figures.