Sun, Sunset, Sky, Cloud, At Dusk, Japan

The horizon dims to the west

As Helios’ orb dips beneath the crest

Thus comes the end of another day

And Nocturne’s realm shall take sway

The twinkling host shall soon appear

Against the heavens sable veneer


Night Dwellers

Halloween, Tree, Silhouette, Moon, Fog, Bats, Creepy

Night time 
The darkest realm
The nocturnal dwellers
Scarcely aware of the coming

A place by night dwellers eschewed
They prepare for their sleep
In the dawn hour’s

Night time
The darkest realm
The nocturnal dwellers
Unaware of the coming sun
Spread wings

Is the bright times of the daylight
For they in darkness rest
At the sunrise
They sleep


Colleen’s syllabic challenge this week is to write using a poem by Sue Vincent as our theme.  I have chosen the line: “sun rises unseen” as my prompt.  I have used a mirrored mirrored cinquain (if that is a thing) as my form.

Heading To Night

Paint Chip Poetry

In a cabin in the woods  –

As from Summer to Autumn time bends

The cotton blossom has all been picked –

Leaving but bare brown stems.

The family together  – safe secure

With trust in God and one another

The changing seasons brings no fear

And as the sun begins to set – heading to night,

As the night owl begins her evening flight

Our family hold each other warm and tight



Paint Chip Poetry #43: Prompt – To Night by Percy Bysshe Shelley.  “Our paint chip words and phrases are cabin in the woods, deviled eggscottonAquariusblossom, showtime, and night owl. The bonus angel card is trust . . . .  Use however many of these words and phrases you want. I don’t plan to use them all this week, just to mix things up a bit.”

Nocturnal Glimpses

Night, Moon, Night Sky, Moonlight, Blue, Trees, Dusk

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay  

Dark – Primeval
Moonlit – But Without Warmth
Chill Breezes Make Hairs Stand On End
As Haunting Owls’ Calls Pierce
The Nocturnal


Why Then
In Forest Dark –
At Night-time – Dare I Tread?
Forsaking The Sunshine’s Safety –
Filling My Heart With Dread –
While others are


I Pass
This Way In Hope
That I Might Chance To See
The Face Of A Fair Forest Sprite
And She In Turn See Me –
Then I Content
Will Be


But Sprites
You Say Are Myths –
Fables – Just Make Believe
But You Dearest One – Are The Sprite
The Vision Beautiful
That I So Long
To See



Spectre From Above

Snowy Owl, Owl, Bird, Animal, Animal World, White


Large eyes stare into the night

In search of seeds of grain

Ears perk at every sound

Till all is still again

Then the mouse – does slowly creep

From its nesting lair

A fatal move – for in a flash of white

The spectre strikes as if from nowhere




Moon, Room, Crescent, Black Background



My mind wanders – aimless, un-directed

Shifting from thought to thought

Visiting plans future, and past things I’ve neglected

There is no stillness in a mind thus fraught

How unlike the quiet of the room in which I lay

As the stillness of the night slowly slips away




Writing Prompt Challenge-Write a poem or piece of prose around the words “in the stillness”

Cloudy Night

Moon, Sky, Clouds, Nature, Outdoor

image: Pixabay


This week Colleen’s syllabic challenge is to compose a poem on the theme of the night sky.  I have gone for the Etheree form of ten lines of ascending syllables (1-10).  I thought the form would draw our attention upwards to our night sky.

Clouds obstruct
The gibbous moon
And glittering stars
Heavenly bodies peek
From behind wind nudged nimbi
Expectant of the storm’s passing
Moist grass below awaits the rain’s end
When the bright sun of morning will arrive