Written in March*

Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #42

March has come – the very cusp of Spring

This transitional month – what shall it bring?

Shall we do things we’ve not done before

On a road less traveled – to see what’s in store?

Shall it be the beginning of a fresh enterprise

A Plymouth Rock moment – with the limit the skies?

Will it bring something blatant and really upbeat,

Or like a brown-paper package be far more discreet?

Will it be an adventure down a yellow brick road

Or just a ride in taxi down old familiar roads?

Will we by April – be back to the chalkboard with sighs?

Finding our expectations were a tissue of lies?


* Well, October actually.

“The challenge today is to write a poem about something written in March, or written during a march I suppose, and using at least 5 of the following words and phrases: the road less traveledPlymouth Rocktissue, taxichalkboardbrown-paper package, and yellow brick road.

Water Under The Bridge

CCC #81

That’s water under the bridge they say

But just what does that mean?

Is is waters that have flowed away,

Or those that have yet to be seen?


That’s water under the bridge they say

The mistakes and follies we’ve made

But is it not those very things

That make us what we are today?


That’s water under the bridge they say

I wait expectant of what the new tide will bring

What opportunities, joys, and friendships new

Will make my heart and soul to sing?




Crimson’s Creative Challenge #81