Rain on the Just and Unjust


Photo credit: Daily Express

I recently came across a posting in which the author made a “what I don’t want to happen to me” list, which she rudely titled her “*uck-it” list.  While the swearing is far from my focus here, I did have to reflect on the concept.  What would I have on such a list?  I therefore began the mental exercise to formulate one, and then to note (sadly) that my list is nearly complete.

I came up with about fifteen items, which I have edited down to 10 for this post. So here is my “Please, Not Me” list:

  • Been Shot (if pellet guns count)
  • Been Shot at  (actual firearm)
  • Been Stabbed
  • Had a Heart Attack 
  • Lost a Child
  • Had Cancer (though my wife has)
  • Been made redundant (laid off)
  • Had a car accident
  • Had emergency surgery
  • Been Burgled 

What have I learned from reflecting on this list? Life is not fair, bad things happen to good people, and to ordinary people, and to bad people alike. All of the points on the list are unfortunately part of the human condition.

Jesus recognised this when he told His disciples in Matthew 5: 45 b, “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” This world is not perfect.  This life (despite what many desire) is not an end unto itself. Our daily walk can be, and often is, arduous.

Even the righteous man, Job suffered.  But herein, we have a Spirit inspired lesson to learn. Job discovered that even in hardship. God is still God.  We may want to control our world.  We may want to avoid the items on our anti-bucket list.  But these are not options open to our limited powers.  We need to realise that it is God who is control of the world, and even those pains of life have a purpose.  They may be so that we can grow.  They may be that we let go of our need to control.  They ultimately lead us to rely on Him.