In a Dumpling Baked

Gargoyle, Cathedral, Strasbourg, Religious Monuments

In dappled sunlight
The gargoyle gagged on spinach
In a dumpling baked
A new leaf of which was caught
On the tip of the beast’s tongue

The paint chip words and phrases you have to choose from are ivory, tip of the tongue, dappled sunlight, spinach, new leaf, gargoyle, and dumpling.


On Mother’s Day

May be an image of 2 people, including Anne Mitchell

The day approaches in which to give thanks

To the one who gave me nuture

And into the world – me carried

You were the very dawn of my life,

Who cared and cuddled

And for me did shed tears

And in my tender years held me close

Your heartbeat in my trusting ears

You were the full moon of my fledgling days

And though by others – as I grew –

My affections were thereby eclipsed

But you remain forever my mother

The measure of all women

Whose orbit I shall never forsake


A Paint Chip Poem

The paint chip words and phrases that I used: dawnheartbeatfull moon.


Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, Stairs, Path, Lucifer, Lava

Some fear the habanero flames of a sulphur realm below

But cling with all their might to the quicksand mud that around them flows

They see above then the azure sky of day

But the indigo curtain of night fills them with dismay

Pins and needles fill their souls if the word death is but for an instant on the lips

They would rather into the hurricane gale trod

Than enter the gentle breezy space, beyond the pearly gates of God


Paint Chip Poetry Challenge

pearly gates, habaneromudpins and needlesbreezy, quicksand, and indigo.

Memory Lane

Garden, Swing, Wooden, Old, Fun

I travel down the garden path

The memory lane of my childhood’s making

Trodding o’er the stepping stones

Between Grandma’s hydrangeas

The path seems shorter now

Than when I was six or eight

I remember it having taken longer then

To reach the garden gate

The old swing seems much too small

How could I have ever fit it?

But my heart still fills with joy

As I recollect my youthful visits


Paint Chip Poetry Free Write: stepping stone, grandma’s hydrangeas

Before the Harvest: An Idyll

Agriculture, Barley, Cereal, Clouds

I journey out among the fields

To where the barley saffron-gold does grow

And place a battered cap upon the head

Of Howard, the old straw scarecrow

I gaze upon the meadow verge

Dotted with poppies and forget-me-nots

And remember back to the Spring

When all was the fresh green of a sprig of mint

And I ponder the the toil of the ploughing past

With the both man and horses lathered

In the sea foam of their sweat

Labour again shall soon return to this field serene

For harvest shall soon be at hand

As seasons turn

And the moon walks through her phases

Against heaven’s sable screen


Idyll Paint Chip Poetry Prompt:

“The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are sprig of mintmoon walkwaterfallscarecrowsea foam, saffron, and forget-me-not. . . use at least five of these words and phrases in your idyll.”


Pinatubo91eruption clark air base.jpg
Pinatubo Eruption – Public Domain

There were many aspects of the Philippines that gave the impression of a tropical paradise. There was dense greenery, and bright sunshine which seemed to hit its peak daily before the afternoon rain. After duty hours there was the nightlife, which all too often led to making our way back to base in the dark. Some of the features which still feature in a carved desk set of mine were the mountain peaks, one of which was the ill-fated Mount Pinatubo.

Tropical green peak
Volcanic supernova
Brought the mountain low


Haibun Paint Chip Poetry Prompt

I served in the Philippines about a decade before the eruption, but the desk set with the mountains is a real thing.