Silent Visitor: A Triolet

Dragonfly, Insect, Black, Blue, Eyes

Brilliant wanderer of cobalt blue

Noiselessly hovering above my fountain pond

Your thoughts unshared, known but to you

Brilliant wanderer of cobalt blue

Why is it to my garden – to which you flew?

Was it here in which you were spawned?

Brilliant wanderer of cobalt blue

Noiselessly hovering above my fountain pond


Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #52: Our theme is Silence using ONE of the following –  sprig of mintsmoke signaldragonflyblack catfaded denimdust devil, and prickly pear.

Glory Morning

Woman in White Dress Sitting on Bed
Vlada Karpovich at Pexels

Exquisite indulgence

Like breakfast in bed

Sun rays on the face

And a weekend ahead

No need to depart

From one’s hearthstone inside

To venture to the expanses outside

Just savouring the moment

At the bedside


Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #49: The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are easy peasypuddlevintage turquoisemoon walkhearthstone, sun rays, and tangerine dream. May that first phrase characterize your poetry writing for this prompt. Use how ever many of the words and phrases work for you.


Roofing, House, Fields, Fleuri, Landscape, Village

Homestead farm upon the Great Plains

Wheat fields and prairie surround

Grizzly bear rug before the hearth

A herb garden just coming to flower

And out in the yard behind the iron gate

Of graphite grey cold and stern

Edged in bramble lie the weathered stones

Of the first settlers of this prairie home


Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #47: paint your picture with all 7 of these paint chip words and phrases: bramblewheat fields, graphitethe Great Plains, grizzlyherb garden, and iron gate.

Abraham’s Call

Paint Chip Poetry

Abraham in Ur
God’s voice upon a zephyr
Told him from home go
Onward then to Canaan’s land
His compliance was not slow

The paint chip words and phrases are starshipzephyrslowblack widow, coffeelemonade, and sunny-side up. I want you to pick two or three, and no more, of these words and phrases and write a tanka. That means you get a total of 31 syllables written in lines of 5/7/5/7/7.


Heading To Night

Paint Chip Poetry

In a cabin in the woods  –

As from Summer to Autumn time bends

The cotton blossom has all been picked –

Leaving but bare brown stems.

The family together  – safe secure

With trust in God and one another

The changing seasons brings no fear

And as the sun begins to set – heading to night,

As the night owl begins her evening flight

Our family hold each other warm and tight



Paint Chip Poetry #43: Prompt – To Night by Percy Bysshe Shelley.  “Our paint chip words and phrases are cabin in the woods, deviled eggscottonAquariusblossom, showtime, and night owl. The bonus angel card is trust . . . .  Use however many of these words and phrases you want. I don’t plan to use them all this week, just to mix things up a bit.”

Written in March*

Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #42

March has come – the very cusp of Spring

This transitional month – what shall it bring?

Shall we do things we’ve not done before

On a road less traveled – to see what’s in store?

Shall it be the beginning of a fresh enterprise

A Plymouth Rock moment – with the limit the skies?

Will it bring something blatant and really upbeat,

Or like a brown-paper package be far more discreet?

Will it be an adventure down a yellow brick road

Or just a ride in taxi down old familiar roads?

Will we by April – be back to the chalkboard with sighs?

Finding our expectations were a tissue of lies?


* Well, October actually.

“The challenge today is to write a poem about something written in March, or written during a march I suppose, and using at least 5 of the following words and phrases: the road less traveledPlymouth Rocktissue, taxichalkboardbrown-paper package, and yellow brick road.

Two April Mornings

Paint Chip Poetry

The two spring mornings seem just a heartbeat apart

One among skyscrapers, one in the park

A morning of meetings spent at my desk

And the sorting papers from a cedar file chest

Oh for those mornings spent in childhood play

The grass stained knees from walking on all fours

Pretending to be a timber wolf when out of doors

But now it’s accounts and ledgers, and earning my pay

And being nostalgic of those old April days

But time’s waterfall has washed away

Jack-o’-lantern carving, and rolling in hay

So back to the books, and emails galore

What seemed like a heartbeat must surely have been more

Padre heartbeattimber wolfskyscraperwaterfallcedar chestjack-o’-lantern, and grass stain.

Yours Truly

Paint Chip Poetry


We speak just once in a blue moon

And that often seems to soon;

We haven’t always seen eye to eye;

Harmony at times in short supply.

I know my temper may seem lava hot

Especially when you keep babbling like a brook

But humour me now and take a look

Have the courage to stop and see

That of all the people in the world

Your closest friend is me.



Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #39




In The Scheme Of Things

Paint Chip Poetry

No one’s really a blank canvas

In the grand plan and scheme of things

We tend to carry with us – 

All the stuff that life’s journey brings

Our childhoods – which like the Spring

Are merely a green flash

Then adolescent romance hits 

With tongue-tied attempts – that tend to crash

Then school is finished 

We seek out higher things

Opportunities fresh-squeezed

Life as yet to bear its sting

Some pass through the next few years

A tumbleweed without purpose

Your parents disapprovingly

Acting like you had runaway to join the circus

For some life brings rainstorms

Torrents of savage woe

Under the sea of troubles

Not sure of where to go

But our canvas is not blank

All those experiences to life you bring

Your easel adorned with a collage 

A big picture of the scheme of things


Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #38: Although, I suppose, you are limited by these odd paint chip words and phrases: fresh-squeezedtongue-tiedgreen flashrainstormblank canvastumbleweed, and under the sea. Because they are a weird conglomeration of words, I’m only going to ask you to use three. But bonus points if your plan is to use them all and you succeed.

When I’m Old

Porch, Rocking Chair, Wood, Relax, Front Porch, Leisure
Waylin at Pixabay

There are many lessons – so I am told

That I should consider – for when I’m old

Chickens, I should not count – before they are hatched

And it’s permissible – that my socks be mismatched

Cumulonimbus clouds mean – it probably will rain

That will be almost as accurate – as my rheumatism pain

The grass is always greener in the neighbours’ yard

Because mine should be gravel, because mowing’s to hard

My garden should have some hints of verdant green

Kept in raised beds – where they are easy to be seen

And because I’ll be no wild Huckleberry – on the run with Jim

A rocking chair will be the place for me – not chasing about like him

And when you come to visit – the spice market that you’ll smell

Will just be Ben-Gay and vapour rub – to keep me feeling well 

And when my evenings come around and I sit in candlelight

The antique brass will be varnished –

No need of polish to keep it bright

There are many lessons – so I am told

That I should consider – for when I’m old




Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #37:

The theme for this week is When I’m Old. The words or phrases for this week are wild huckleberrycumulonimbusverdantspice marketantique brassthe grass is always greener, and candlelight.