Behind the Beauty (1)

Lake Irene, Colorado, Water, Reflections

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

Phil and Margaret gazed out of the crystal lake, taking in the wonders of nature.

“It’s wondrous,” Margaret said, her voice in a reverent hush.

“It is,” Phil agreed. “I bet we are among the only people to ever have seen this view.  It seems so untouched by man.”

“I think you might be right,” she said nodding.  “We did hike a long way to get here, and there was hardly a trail at all.”

In fact there had been ninety seven visitors to that exact spot just that week.  What they didn’t see was the team of forty rangers and care-takers who were part of the secret behind the beauty.


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Behind the beauty

Three Hours in Warsaw

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Warsaw Skyline

My train arrived at the central station in Warsaw, and I had a three hour layover before proceeding to Lublin.  So what to do? I went on a brief exploration, but one that would risk missing my train.

Has a Holocaust researcher, I headed for the Korczak memorial in the City Park a short walk away. This incredible educator and orphanage director was a celebrity in his day.a So much so that he had allies who would have allowed for his escape the death camps. He, however, ever an example stayed with his children, and led them to the deportation, giving them courage.

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Korczak Memorial

The park is a peaceful place to kill some time on a summer afternoon, and the trees and flower beds make a great oasis in the city landscape. The fountains are especially impressive, and calming to watch.   There are plenty of places to sit, and just relax.

imageedit_3_2386768978 (1).jpg

Dolphin Fountain

After a brief stay, I made my way back towards the station.  In so doing I passed the impressive architecture of the Palace of Culture and Science.  This is a imposing building, but one which has its own beauty.

imageedit_4_3641834024 (1).jpg

Palace of Culture and Science

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Hard Rock Warsaw

I arrived back at the station with an hour still to spare, so what better than Hard Rock Cafe? The Hard Rock Cafe in Warsaw is really easy to get to from the central rail station. The food is good and the atmosphere in keeping with what one expects from a Hard Rock. The usual musical paraphernalia and shop are here, and the experience was good.
I had several soft drinks and nachos for lunch. The portion size was excellent, and the nachos, cheese and salsa were of really good quality as well.  The service was very attentive and friendly. For those with mobility issues there is a proviso. The main dining room (with standard tables) is down a flight of steps, the ground level dining area only has the high tables with long legged chairs. Outdoor seating, however, is available and at street level and proved to be a nice place to eat under the umbrella on a hot summer’s day.

imageedit_6_4063556462 (1).jpg

Hard Rock Veggie Nachos

After a nice late lunch, it was back to the station and onwards to the Lublin Conference. It was a short stay, but an enjoyable and enriching one.