Couple running through field

Carl and Linda had followed the instructions precisely, and sure enough the blossom was just where the instructions said. Now it was just a matter of getting back to the checkpoint before the time ran out on the scavenger hunt.

“Fifteen minutes,” Carl warned.

“Don’t get too far ahead, the rules say we need to arrive together,” Linda reminded him.

“Then hurry, Sweetie. Fourteen and half minutes and a hundred thousand is ours.”

“I’m doing my best,” she said as he tugged her along.

Little did they know that the production company had another couple of surprises for them before they could get back to the checkpoint.


Photo Challenge #354


Photo by Flo Dahm on

Peter Carlson stepped lightly from the Paris hotel where he had just had an important business meeting. He tucked a document securely into his inside jacket pocket, and tapped it twice for good measure before hailing a taxi.

The real estate deal he had just completed brought back memories of his first so long ago in New York. He had been a young man then with only his college tuition money to his name, but he risked it all on that first big buy. He had never looked back.

Now he was on his way back home to the Jiffy Lube, of which he was franchise holder. This Paris deal was going to complete his portfolio. He couldn’t wait to hang the deed to the Eiffel Tower next to his certificates for the Brooklyn Bridge, Mount Rushmore, and the Leaning Tower.


Photo Challenge #351


AlexandraSophie on Deviantart

Amid the fields as quail I did seek

I chanced upon a fairy – fast asleep

She was wrapped quite snuggly within her nest

So I skirted round to give her rest

My compassionate action did not go unobserved

I was spied by her mother as I swerved

Suddenly a flock of plump quail did rise

And my net was filled before my eyes

My gesture thus rewarded I headed for home

Though I never again saw fairies as I did roam


Photo Challenge #348

Worlds In Your Hand

Annija Veldre

It’s time to value your education

Take every opportunity to learn

Remember that things like reading

Are not activities to spurn

For knowledge leads to wisdom

And wisdom helps you to grow

And there will always those around you

That will value the things you know

Remember too that employers

Hold the clever in high demand

And with a little education

You can hold whole worlds in your hand


Photo Challenge #347

The Lessons


A long space mission seemed to be the perfect opportunity to learn to play an instrument. She had never been very musical, and in fact, her junior high school music teacher had remarked than she had a tin ear. The timing of her endeavour was fortunate for her friends and family back on Earth. Not so much for her crew-mates. Ridley Scott must have got it wrong when when it said “In space, no one can hear you scream.”


Photo Challenge #341


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It was always hard to be away from home, but the holidays were especially trying. This year Reeder decided that he would try to make the season a little brighter. While it took him much of his pay packet, he bought himself an antique bed with a wooden headboard to replace his standard issue metal frame bunk. He then went through every magazine, and postcard he could lay his hands on. In the end he had amassed an amazing collection of “Holiday Sprit.”

Okay, he didn’t know who most of the people in the photographs were, but it was nice to see snow, and happy people enjoying old fashioned Christmas. His only regret was that he had to use plastic pine garland and borrowed lights for the effect. Maybe, next year he could get real evergreens, though they were rather hard to come by here on Antari Seven.


Photo Challenge #340


– Google

The wooden fence had failed, so a clear sign was erected to warn people off climbing the rocks. But children will be children, and climb they did. In desperation the Council put in tough new measures. After some consultation the Billy Goats Gruff were contracted as security. Once posted, the trespassing ceased almost immediately. Yes, children might be children, but kids will be kids.


Photo Challenge #339