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Welcome to my abode –

Here in Mayfair fine

I welcome up-and-coming talent

To decorate this place of mine


You might think that I’ve more money –

Than I do – common sense

In running down my property –

Driving down the rents


No, it’s kind of an art academy

As I hope you can plainly see

Some day, I will be the proud owner

Of a work – by the next – Banksy




Photo Challenge #326

What Is Truly Inside

David Altmejd

Michaengelo said – every block of stone

Has a statue hidden there inside

It is just for the artist to

Find it where it hides


We too,  often our true selves hide

Hoping that others won’t see

What we have buried deep inside

Because of our insecurity


We conceal our aspirations

Things – we truly want to be

Ignoring that deep inside

Our SELF wants to escape and  make itself free


For so long I did bury – my love affair with words

Wishing one day – that I might find the nerve

To let my composition

By the world to be heard


So in these few verses

Scribbled swiftly – to a prompt responding

May it be to you – your wake-up call

For your buried self’s absconding




Photo Challenge #325

Where Are The Flowers?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

Where has that rose-scent – heady gone?

Has it dried and blown away?

Leaving just the husks left behind –

Like from Miss Havisham’s wedding day?

Or have they been picked with bright intent –

And now with tears – gone far away?

Like the blooms of which Pete Seeger sang

On tombstones now displayed

Where has that rose-scent – heady gone?

May they fresh in your vase be found –

Each day with enduring and pure emotion

And may you with your loved one dwell

Roses a symbol of an undying devotion






Photo Challenge #323









What A Sight

imageedit_0_8369754330 (1)

Photo: Padre’s Ramblings

When in Scotland, some years ago

To Loch Ness I happened to go

At the Visitor Centre I chanced to see

An amazing example of a water-beasty

It was rather big

And it wasn’t quick

So it made it easy

For me to take the pic



My offering for Maria Antonia’s photo challenge “What a Sight.”

Like Autumn Leaves On A Summer’s Day

Photo by mh cheraghi on

Like autumn leaves on a summer’s day

It seems our lives have gone astray

Crises of health

Inequalities – no longer stealth

Disruptions in full array


Malala’s plight, from our minds

Like she from Oxford, now has passed

Eclipsed like Greta’s passionate pleas

No longer thought worthy of media mass-ed


Like autumn leaves on a summer’s day

It seems our lives have gone astray

Leave now behind hate and politics

Let us hope to find our way




Photo Challenge #321


Key Discovery

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on

“According to the Research guys, it’s something called a kizit tape, some sort of ancient data retrieval system.”

“And those markings?” the Director asked.

“Old Earth, type J they think, but it could be C2.  Research say, there isn’t enough of it to tell for sure.”

“Do the know how the access the data?”

“No, they have a theory, but don’t know for sure.  There is a magnetic residue on that spooled film, but Research isn’t certain if it purposely there, or if its just environmental contamination.”

Just then a sterile-suited crew member approached.

“Excuse me Director; Sub-Director.  We found one,” the Research technician said.  The crew member then produced a battered hot pink device from a museum pod.

“Excellent, this might be the breakthrough we’ve needed to unlock the secrets of Old Earth culture,” the Sub-Director said.

Taking the device, the Sub-Director, scanned it and then asked, “What do we do with it?”

The technician set the Sony cassette played on a console and pressed a button, and a small panel popped open.  Then taking the “Kizit” from the Director, they placed it into the opening, and then pushed it shut.

“Press on this button when you are ready,” the technician said to the Sub-Director, and then stepped back.

“Well, here it goes,” the Sub-Director announced, pressing the indicated button.

The stillness of the briefing room was shaken by “No future, No future, No future,” from a pirated copy of The Sex Pistol’s God Save The Queen.

“Sorry Director,” the Sub-Director said mournfully.  “It seems to be just environmental contamination after all”




Photo Challenge #320





Mind Core

Jon Hollander lit the oil lamp and stood with his back to the window.  The electricity supply had become erratic a month or so ago, and failed completely three, no make that four days ago.

It had all happened so swiftly.  There was the “incident,” then came the “keep calm” announcements, followed by the run on the banks.  People began to empty grocery shelves, and the mass exodus of the cities began, leading to overcrowded camps in the countryside, and shortages for those who couldn’t flee.

Now Hollander found himself holed up in a tenement block on the north side of the city.  Twenty-three years being an enforcer for the “family” gave him a certain skill set which had helped him so far, but finding fresh water and sufficient food was not among his talents.  He had always seen himself as “honorable” in that he never harmed anyone who had not been contracted, but things were bleaker now.  He might, just might, have to use his talents to prey on the weak.  Well, if the the “situation” didn’t get him first.

Bloody hell, he thought to himself. Who woulda ever thought that Zombies were an actual thing?

Hollander shoved the heavy couch in front of the door and cocked his Glock and laid it across his chest.  Then leveling a shotgun across his lap towards the door, he opened a tin of baked beans and began to eat.


Photo Challenge #318


imageedit_2_2808740194 (1)

Golden Gates at Versailles

Maria Antonia’s 2020 Photo Challenge includes a prompt on the theme of “majestic.”  There are few places more majestic that the Sun King’s Palace of Versailles.  Seeing that majesty is expected here I am presenting two photos rather than the humble “One.”

imageedit__9269183723 (2)

Palace Detail

The sun glints off gates of gold

Attesting to wealth and majesty untold

Royal power and opulence extreme

Surrounding of which most can only dream




woman wearing white dress doing head stand

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on

Millie and Amanda had just experienced the most terrifying and humiliating of encounters.  They were minding their own business, taking in the country air, when they became the subject of unwanted cat calls and wolf whistles from a gang of drunk yobs.  They weren’t even certain where the men had come from.  They hadn’t passed anyone on the trail, and yet suddenly they were there.

The women did their best to ignore their verbal assailants, and upped their pace to distance themselves from the abuse.  The onslaught diminished, but they knew at least two of the idiots were following them at a distance, as they could still hear the occasional rude remark.  These too eventually subsided and then ceased.

Just to be sure Millie led her friend to a more open part of the trail, after taking two or three changes of course.

“Mandy, I think we’ve lost them, or they’ve given up,” Millie said at last.

“Are you sure?” Amanda asked, a little out of breath. “Maybe we should check.”

“Whatever you do don’t turn around until I say to,” Millie instructed.

“Okay Mills, you always know best.” Then after a brief pause, Amanda said, “Yep they’re gone.”

“What in the world are you doing?” Millie exclaimed.

“You said not to turn around,” Amanda said demurely.




Photo Challenge #314