Oh For Courtly Love


Where have gone the days of courtly love

Of romance from afar – so chaste

When knights errant favour sought with brave deeds

To brings a smile to a maiden’s face

But now it’s all flash and show

Sexuality – affection eclipsing

And all captured so powerfully

In two contrasting couples in this depiction


Photo Challenge #337


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For Kim and Sam it had started like any other walk to school. That was before they felt the presence of something following them. At first it was a bit of a snuffling sound, but as their pursuer gained on them they needed to act fast. Sam took a quick glance backwards.

“It’s a bear alright,” he said.

“What shall we do?” Kim asked nervously. “Should we run?”

“No, that would be the worst thing we could do.”

“Then what? I’m scared,” she said almost in a whimper.

“Do you see those trees ahead? The ones with the supports.”

“Yes,” Kim responded.

“When I count to three, freeze and pretend to be one of them.”


Photo Challenge #336

Buffet Buffeted

– Brooke DiDonato

Liz and Don had their first real meal out since the beginning of Corona measures. The kids had been sent to Nana Suzie’s and they were free to check out the vegan buffet restaurant they had heard so much about.

They both enjoyed a first round of tasters, and Liz found the Cajun onion fritters and the cauliflower curry to be her favourites. Don, for his part, fell in love with the nine bean risotto.

After a wonderful meal, they headed home for an intimate evening of “cuddles,” while the kids were away. Don headed to the bedroom to light some candles for atmosphere, while Liz locked up. As she began her ascent she was given a stark reassurance that she had been right to tell Don that three servings of the risotto were enough.


Photo Challenge #335

Record Breaking

Harimao Lee

Family tradition held that Great-great (or something like that) Granddaddy Reynolds had conquered the east cliff-face in a mere six hours back in 1887.  It was quite a matter of pride on Mom’s side of the family.  But now Sammy was a little less impressed.  The view was pretty spectacular at the top, but he didn’t think too much of the family “record.”  After all he just got to the top in five minutes.  So what was the big fuss about?  Sammy was pretty sure he’d never understand grown-ups.


Photo Challenge #334


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

With news of a second Corona spike, and further lock-downs imminent, Justin had had enough.  

After a brief search of of the internet, he concluded that New Zealand was the place to be.  But how? he pondered.  The airlines weren’t taking reservations, and he wasn’t sure about visas, even if they were.  Then it stuck him – eBay, that’s the answer!  Now, to find a buyer.




Photo Challenge #332



– Google


On Catania, the Isle of Cats

Where felines rule the realm

No canine dare step one foot

For fear of being overwhelmed

Beware the kitties that look so sweet

For dark secrets they do hide

Of how the natural order they did beat

And acts of doggy-cide




Photo Challenge #329







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Welcome to my abode –

Here in Mayfair fine

I welcome up-and-coming talent

To decorate this place of mine


You might think that I’ve more money –

Than I do – common sense

In running down my property –

Driving down the rents


No, it’s kind of an art academy

As I hope you can plainly see

Some day, I will be the proud owner

Of a work – by the next – Banksy




Photo Challenge #326

What Is Truly Inside

David Altmejd

Michaengelo said – every block of stone

Has a statue hidden there inside

It is just for the artist to

Find it where it hides


We too,  often our true selves hide

Hoping that others won’t see

What we have buried deep inside

Because of our insecurity


We conceal our aspirations

Things – we truly want to be

Ignoring that deep inside

Our SELF wants to escape and  make itself free


For so long I did bury – my love affair with words

Wishing one day – that I might find the nerve

To let my composition

By the world to be heard


So in these few verses

Scribbled swiftly – to a prompt responding

May it be to you – your wake-up call

For your buried self’s absconding




Photo Challenge #325