Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Is it time to take off that mask you wear?

It may be well worth it, if you dare.

Let the world see who you really are

For even if you have a fault and scar

It is that which makes you human

Like the rest of us are

You can let down those walls which seal you in

And with a measure of freedom

Let your life begin


Boundaries Lost

Image credit Denman Prospect Village

Where are those boundaries?

They seem lost

A world with no frontiers

As far as the eye can see

Man made objects seem to appear

Be it a road, or telephone mast

They come into view all too fast

Our scenes of yesterday

Have long since past



Photo credit Sarah Whiley

When at night being followed

By thugs at your back

Head for this alley, where the comic book heroes attack

Batman and Spidey, Punisher and Daredevil too

Might be lurking above, just for you

No need to feel guilty for what ensues in this place

Just walk on calmly and continue forward to face

What happens to villains, is all down to them

It will teach them a lesson, till their ways they amend


Answering Victoria’s Call

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Riding out across the veldt

Answering the call of queen and dominion

Under an African sun and heat oppressive

Far from Aus’ familiar hearth and home

Toiling through the dust and flies

And the Dutchman’s machinations

For duty’s sake they ride on

For the glory of Victoria’s nation



Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

Art sat on the ledge and tried to ponder the meaning of it all. What actually is the point? he wondered. After all, all I ever do is sit around a studio all day. The boredom is starting to do my head in. I know that some people say I’m vital to the enterprise, but how can that be? It’s not like I’m OOAK. Now, he’s cool, but me I’m just plain old Art.

He glanced down at the workbench beneath him and then remembered the words of the administrator who said, and I quote, “Having art in this college is vital in defining who we are.” That memory alone made Art decide that jumping wasn’t worth it. He would just have to suck it up and hope that he really did make a difference.


Tampering With Nature

My thanks to Fandango for introducing me to The Squirrel Chase and their one-to-three challenge. I had in my file a photo of a butterfly visiting the back garden. While the lavender and vlinder are works of divine art, by photography isn’t. The challenge to run the photo through a photo processor provided some lovely results, however.


Old Fashioned Fun


“It’s a beautiful day. You kids get out of the house, and get some fresh air,” Mum called up the stairs.

Chloe (13), Aiden (11), and Scott (10) made there way to the back garden.

“What do we do now?” Scott asked.

“We could kick the ball about,” Aiden suggested. Then again that was his answer to most things.

“No, Mum would kill us is we knock over the fuchsias again,” Chloe objected. “Lets lie down in the grass and see what we can see in the clouds,” she suggested.

“I guess,” Aiden agreed hesitantly.

After about five munutes pondering the passing formations, Chloe said, “I see a wolf.”

“Where?” Scott asked.

“In the middle, see its mouth is open towards the right.”

“I thought that was a dragon,” Scott replied.

“What do you think, Aiden,” his sister prompted.

“I see water vapour,” Aiden replied. “Let’s go play Nintendo.”

“Good idea,” Scott replied, and the trio made their way back inside.


Photo Challenge #375


George Natsioulis

Nadia stood on the platform and waited for the 10:25 to arrive. She was aware of the presence behind her, and felt the eyes taking in her every move.

I just need to keep calm, she thought to herself. Don’t let on that you know you’re being watched.

The 10:05 arrived and an elderly couple disembarked and made their way to the car park.

She gave a sideways glance in that direction as their headlights disappeared into the night. Now the car park was empty, and she knew she was truly alone exept for the watcher.

There was the sound of a throat being cleared in the dark, and while she tensed slightly, she didn’t start. In fact, she did her best to give the impression that she hadn’t heard it.

As the 10:15 express sped past the small station, she reached into her bag and took out a mint which she placed into her mouth and she slowly sucked it allowing its sweet cooling taste to calm her.

At 10:22 she heard the approaching foot steps.

This is it, I guess, she thought as she turned on her heels and bared her fangs.

It was often a challenge being a vampire, but sometimes some of these town boys made getting a meal just a little too easy.


Photo Challenge #371