A Message Through Time

Textured surface of old torn paper sheet with handwritten text
Maria Orlova at Pexels

Kelly enjoyed search through the lesser used volumes in the stacks. There was something about the “relationship” with a book that hadn’t “conversed” with someone else in decades, if not longer. As she look down a leather bound tome from the shelf she was surprised that a handwritten manuscript fell from its pages. At first she thought she had damaged the book, but it was clear that it had been placed in the volume as a bookmark some years ago. It bore a date over a hundred years old, and while it was “historical,” it was far from valuable for anyone other than its author and the initial recipient. It now spoke to Kelly as well, as she teared up on reading its simple and painful message of love lost. Dated 15 October 1917 and citing its place of composition as Passchendaele, Belgium, it spoke of a young man’s desire to leave the god-forsaken place and to return to “his Daisy’s” side. The letter concluded in a different hand merely stating, “I am so sorry, Peter has fallen.”


Open All Hours

red and white UNKs neon light signage
Chris J. Davis at Unsplash

Open all hours come on in

As long as you have a mask on your chin

Nose and mouth covered too

Keep a metre’s distance if not two

Sanitise hands, wipe down your basket

We sincerely hope your visit’s fantastic

What’s that you want only to use the loo?

Sorry, but that requires flash wipes

And a purchase too




Brown Woven Basket on White Wooden Table
Rachel Claire at Pexels

Bamboo slats, or lakeside reeds

Mere grass is all the craftsman needs

And a thing of function and beauty too

Soon takes form as his hands move

We too alone may not amount to much

But in our interactions, lives we touch

We are interwoven within society

Becoming more together than just “you” and “me”


Early Morn

Pasture, Fog, Birds, Grass, Field, Meadow, Fence

Early morn and a light fog cloaks the land

Earth crisp with the touch of Winter’s hand

Cold air sharp on nose and lungs

As you venture outwards under the weak sun

Early morn – the starlings begin their day

The frozen meadow underfoot crunches

As you make your way



man in black nike jacket and blue denim jeans sitting on boat

Braxton Apana at Unsplash

Time to emerge and finally come out

We hear they have the vaccine – they talked about

Herd immunity from two quick jabs

That’s a relief ‘cuz I going lock down mad

What’s this – “It could take to the spring?”

Okay, then I crawl back, like in that groundhog thing.