“Sorry to pass this on so late,

but I need you to this book translate.

Don’t feel you need to drop other tasks.

Just have it done for Thursday, is all I ask.

And, I hope that it’s okay with you,

I’ve made it part of your annual review.”



CCC 208

Sir George was confused. The baron had ordered him into the valley to rid it of a marauding dragon. He had checked all of the usual haunts: three caves and rocky overhang, but no evidence of a beast was found at any of them.

Was he losing his touch, he wondered. After all he was an expert in the dragon game. This perplexed him.

After checking the closest of the caves again, he tethered his horse to a pine and sat down on a log to consider his options. As he ran through the evidence he couldn’t shake the sensation of sulfur in the air. But where could it be coming from?




Some say tomato

Or is that tomato?

Both are easier to say

Than Solanum lycopersicum

It’s described as a fruit

Well, at least by some

It is an argument as yet – still to be won

Placed is a sauce savory

And served as a veg

Is a better idea than with bananas

Or with a watermelon wedge