Risk Taker

Zebulun had always been a risk taker. Back at school, he once pushed the limits by purposely coming to class with dirty nails. This of course earned him a firm caning, but he thought it worth it as it proved him a rebel. Later in life he rode his horse at full gallop across the new railway line barely clearing the track before the Pinkerton Express roared past. But it was the now famous photograph that proved his daring-do when he was the first known example of someone smiling at the camera.


Wood Hood

The forest ain’t what it used to be. First it was the logging, then the influx of non-native trees. More recently, these newcomers have become a real problem for the more established members of the community. In fact, some of the younger of these have started to cluster together and seem intent on making the natives feel intimidated. You know, they don’t even call it the forest any more. They have started saying things like, “Welcome to the Wood.”



Blurred Photo of Woman in Red Running Through Poppy Field

Freddie Addery at Pexels

Did you see her?

If so, are you sure?

She departed so quickly

She was just a blur

Lasting relations

Were just not her thing

She revelled in causing

Broken-hearts with their sting

It’s not that she’s evil

It’s not that she’s bad

It’s that she’s bit flighty

A self-professed nomad


Year Past

Bradley Pelish at Unsplash

Danno stood on the boundary and tried to make out what lay ahead. All he could make out was more haze and confusion. He had been in a similar place before; a year ago in fact. He looked behind him, and then forward again. Surely, 2022 couldn’t be any worse than 2021. Then again, he thought that the year before as well. He looked back again and took it all in. “Into the mist,” he said aloud and stepped into ’22.



“The greatest film you will ever see”

Was emblazoned on the cinema marquee

The greatest film, though, definitely

Is the one I live, directed by me

Your drama too, as it unfolds

Will be full of the surprises – the future holds

You are the lead of your story – the best ever known

Be sure to direct it in a way to make it your own!