Monarch’s Chair

Monarch of the Wood, I have seen your chair

Why was it that you were not there?

Is it that your realm invasion faces

With plastic, and filth in your precious places?

Have you gone – your lands to defend?

Shall you return at the battle’s end?

Or shall we weep that you have fled the place?

Please say, I pray, that’s not the case


CCC 158


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Revenge is a dish best never served

It is better to keep your emotions curved

For if constantly plotting retribution

You miss out on the true solution

‘Tis far better with a knowing smile your opponent unnerve

And leave them ever thus disturbed



people walking on gray concrete building under white clouds during daytime
Karis Soritau at Unsplash

“You can see one of the more interesting features right over here,” Edith said pointing.

“Why, that is fascinating,” Debbie said. “What do you think, Honey?”

“Hmm, it is unique, but it’s not exactly what I was looking for,” Roger replied.

“Well, I did tell you it was a bit of a fixer-upper,” Edith said. “But we do have other listings in the area if you don’t like this one.”


Getting Away From It All

House, Field, Rural, Meadow, Landscape, Village

“When I said I wanted to get away from it all for a bit, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” Taylor said.

“Beggers can’t be choosers,” Winnie retorted. “It’s not like we’re made of money. Anyway, it has great views.

“Views of what?” Taylor queried.

“The mountains, the sky, lots of things.”

“Like grass,” he said indignantly. “I was thinking the seaside, or even a city break.”

“City breaks aren’t getting away from things, they are going to things; and the seaside is full of people this time of year. This is much better. Especially since we can be alone together,” Winnie said taking his hand.

“He looked at the vast expanse of plain again, and smiled. Okay, we’ll stay,” he said. “I sure hope it has cable, though.”

I’m glad to see that romance isn’t dead, Winnie mused, as she hid the remote.


Wilderness Despair

green and brown bamboo trees
Peter Thomas at Unsplash

Harlinger knew he had to find his way out soon. He had been lost in the wilderness for days, and the last of his rations were now expended, yet he was no wiser as to how to make his exit. Try as he might he could not find the way, as all the surroundings seemed to be identical to him.

His concern became despair as he stumbled onto his own empty ration packets. How could I have wandered in circles, he asked himself. You might say he as bamboozled.



Grayscale Back View Photo of Woman in Elegant Dress Posing by Metal Gate Looking Back
Kasonya Wilcox at Pexels

You may depart – you’re free to go

There is nothing to keep you

I hope you know

You’re under no obligation

That is sure

No matter what may be this place’s allure

You freely came – so now freely go

Why has your pace begun to slow?

The gate is open

Go ahead and pass

And will you kindly

Stop staring at my ass


I just loved the facial expression in the prompt photo.

Queue Pew

Elephants, Animals, Mammals, Trunk

Jumbo hated getting stuck in line behind Follie. That elephant really had to do something about what he was eating because he had perpetual gas. These were not little poots either, they were toxic clouds, and Jumbo wondered why the leaves didn’t fall off the trees as Follie passed. All he could do was raise his trunk out of the cloud and hope for the best.

When someone in line lets out a pew

There is little that any of us can do

We can grin and bear it

Or make a fuss

But to do the latter makes all about us

So for the time being cross you fingers

Or tusks

And hope that the queue moves quickly

Or just change lines if you must