Travelling Hand in Hand


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Kebab in Gibraltar

Eating kebabs by the Watergate,

Fond memories of when we dined,

Multiple pleasures held in your hand,

Like tasting honey cake and Madeira wine –

But the best thing shared in travelling

Was your hand in mine


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Honey Cake and Madeira in Madeira





2019 Photography Challenge – In Your Hand





What Have You Seen?

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Ancient Olive Tree, Garden of Gethsemane



Silent witness of passing time –

Tell us what you’ve seen.

Whose feet have trod above your roots –

Or shaded under your boughs green.


Tell of Legions, Crusaders, Arab Merchants –

Passing to and fro –

Tell us of the One who at night prayed there –

A long time ago.






2019 Photography Challenge: A Long time Ago

Hidden In A Garden

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Fairy Mound

Flowers upon a fairy mound,

In a walled garden hidden,

A gateway to another world,

To mortal folk – forbidden


How simple to hide the door,

Among the blooms so pretty,

In plain sight its wonders plain,

That we miss them is a pity


Amid the flowers, the folk of lore,

Every evening they do dance,

But we in our lives that rush,

Dismiss it without a glance


Simple blooms, and petals bright,

So often escape our view,

But when we fail to just enjoy,

We miss the wonder too