State of the Art

The Innovation and Development Department at Spacex has recently had some real success in creating a next generation of First Class dining options for the company’s commercial space excursions.

A spokesperson is quoted as saying: “We are really thrilled with the quality of our anti-gravity china. It is not only state of the art in its ability to remain anchored in zero gravity, but it also has beautiful patterns and motifs as well. This is a quality product. Now, we only need to find a way for the food to stay on it during flight.”



Ricky Gálvez

King Baldwin beckoned his son Karl to come into his study.

“Yes Father,” the lad said upon entering.

“Karl my boy, I’ve brought you here to discuss the future.”

“Yes Father,” the teen replied expectantly.

“Some day, this will be yours,” the king said making a sweeping gesture towards the globe on his desk.

“The world, Father?”

“No, the globe, the kingdom I’m giving to your brother, Wilhelm.”


Behind The Image


Idyllic scene of pastoral bliss

If only it were just like this

But there are mornings that are all too early

Hundreds of chores that await you surely

There are livestock to feed, fences to mend

And piles of muck, so we can’t pretend

That there’s no downside to the rural disguise

It’s not all meadows with sunlit skies


Simple Pleasures (or Paradise Lost)

The Guitar Player by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior

It was the simple pleasures at the end of the day that made all the difference. A hearty meal of broth and bread, and a chance to relax and sing into to the early evening before retiring to face the next day. It had always been thus, until the terrible day when the men arrived and put up that infernal tower. Before long tranquillity was lost to the flickering blue light of plasma screens and handsets. Many believe Satan dwells in the bowels of the earth, but truth be told he is in the air. Lies and destruction are his delight, and TikTok and like are his joy.



Umbrella, Metal, Rainy Weather, Rain

Skeletal framework

Scaffolding secure

Mere rods and hinges

To make it endure

It is not these that keep us dry

The rain trough them would go right by

But the fabric without support

The storm to thwart

Would be quite useless

And my trip I’d abort



Ghost, Girl, Gothic, Dark, Goth

A whistle

A shrill sound upon the breeze

An incessant sound

That makes me ill at ease

Where does it come from?

Whatever might it mean?

Is it all just in my head?

Or is there something untoward

As yet by me unseen?