Winter’s Springtime Wonder

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Springtime Snowstorm in Ely, Cambs

One of  Maria Antonia’s Weekly Photo Challenges was to capture the idea of frozen.  The photo attached here is from the 1990s in a freak late springtime snow which fell while we were living in Ely, Cambridgeshire.   The look of surprise on my daughter, Rain’s face is priceless, and it was quite an exciting experience for her as she was on her way to collect the milk bottles from the garden gate.

She seems to draw the stuff to her.  Below is another photo, this time taken by her husband near their home in the Colorado Rockies.


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Rain in the snow

Frozen wonder – Winter’s last little surprise

Coating spring-tides blossom and bloom

A whitewash of wonder covering the green

One last chilly blast – the the warmth resume