Simon the Televangelist: Acts Poems – Extra 1

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Solid Gold Taps – Amazon Image

“Men and brethren what shall we do?”

“I think that a tax deductible donation is the thing for you!

Place your hand on the television screen

And by MY holiness I will make you clean.

Oh there will be plenty of mentions of Jesus’ name

It really helps to legitimise my claim

And while your faith is sinerely true

I can really use a buck or two

Television time don’t come cheap

Not to mention leather upholstery for my customised jeep

Gold taps are for me a must

For a prosperity gospel must start with US

Who says holiness isn’t to buy or sell?

I will live for today

Like there is no Hell.”


This is an extra Acts poem for February created as a modern imagining of Simon the Sorcerer from Acts 8: 9-24.