Clown, Close Up, Entertainment, Face, Person, Mimic

Painted smile and rubber nose

Over-sized shoes that trod on your toes

Whether at children’s parties

Or the thing of nightmare dreams

You either love them or hate them

Those ever smiling fiends

Ronald and his burgers, or the Jack in the Box

A villain of Gotham, or Bozo’s red locks

A clown, or a jester, or a fool he may be

But I prefer comedians –

That are actually fun-ny



dVerse Clowning Around

*Image – Pixabay


Revolution, Protest, Insurrection, Marching, Parade


Americans have Independence Day

For the French it is Bastille

Revolutions and the change they bring

Can turn the world on its head or heel


In England,  Revolution – was Glorious

Not so much on the Celtic Fringe

Glencoe, and the Boyne did show

How on life – changes impinge


Even in France with all the talk

Of things like “Fraternity”

Heads did roll beneath guillotines

In a terror-filled tyranny


And what of Revolution Industrial?

Smokey factories and clearance of lands

Grown men’s employment lost

In favour of cheap children with little hands


Revolutions are tricky things

Oft times mere actions of the mobs

The ideals that inspired them

Are forgotten and end in sobs




dVerse – Poetics-Revolution



Doors, Choices, Choose, Decision



Stepping Stones

Portal gates through which we tread

Birth to first steps

And onward we go

Life ever changing

Adolescence – the springs of youth

Families we make and break

Every portal brings situations new

Until we face that one last gate




dVerse Poetics


A Fortune Told

Psychics, Crystal Ball, Fortune Teller



The Czar called his wizard

To ask what he could see

About his daughter’s future

“Would she make history?”


“Sire, I see two futures:

On a throne as a Purple Queen

Powerful in majesty

But sorrowful in the extreme”


“Princess Aurora will feel such woe

From her eyes of  Dazzling blue

A Trail of Tears will surely flow

Her life an unhappy sorrow”


“What then shall I do?”

The mighty Czar did ask

“Let her follow love instead of power

That will be your task”


“Let her find her own way

This is the thing to do,

Allow her to follow her heart

Which is Tender and True


So the great king did relent

And Aurora her own choices made

Twelve hearty grandchildren for the Czar

She bore and a dynasty was made




dVerse: Take a look at these vegetable names, choose a few, toss them in the rich soil of your imagination, and see what comes up.


Black Beauty

Trail of Tears

Lazy housewife


Purple queen

Jacob’s cattle

The Czar


Golden acre

Dazzling blue

Purple sword

Jack Ice

Reine des Glaces

Blue fire


Tender and true

To Hear The Voice of God

Temple, Hermitage, Architecture, Tree, House, Lawn


Isolated in his hermitage

The hermit prays alone

Separate from his fellow man

In his home of stone

No daily interruptions

Do his devotions e’re disturb

He ponders the holy writs and texts

But utters not a word

No mortal company does he need

No companions life’s paths with whom to trod

He’s content in his solitary state

As he’s privy to the voice of God




Written for dVerse Poetics – Solitude






Marines, Military, Drill, Marine, Usa


When ships were oak,

As were the hearts of men

Every man has his place

And every place its man

Perfect order – shipshape – Bristol fashion

Made for vessels always ready for action

Order is familiar to military men

Practice makes perfect

And then you practice again

When you wake up

When you lay down your head

What you will wear

And when you break bread

Every man has his place

And every place its man

It’s order you rely on

As a military man




dVerse – Poetics: Order, Order!







Ocean Voices

Coast, Pebbles, Stones, Waves


I stand by seaside, to hear the waves’ rhythmic speech

It crashes and then rumbles, with ne’er a moment’s rest

Such is its conversation as I eavesdrop on the beach


The story is a familiar one, though I comprehend not a single word

It calls and responds repeatedly, matched by my cyclic breath

Its tale is interrupted only by the call of a passing bird


And so my day is filled, till it’s time to go my way

I must bid farewell to the soothing sound

And turn my gaze landward, away from the chatty bay




For today’s prompt the dVerse challenge is to choose AT LEAST THREE RHYME SETS  These are:-






Sometimes I think that I will find

The secret of having peace of mind

But then come dilemmas that on me bind

Making me feel I’ve fallen behind

These moments sometimes are even combined

Making peace and chaos ill-defined

Confusion and clarity intertwined

Uncertain, unstable, fleeting

Like the pattern of this poem that rhymed



Written for d’Verse Poetics: Impermanence