Another day in the warehouse

On the nightshift

Moving around pallets with my forklift

I don’t know why people

Buy from this place

It’s overpriced and really a waste

It provides my salary, so I shouldn’t complain

So, from saying so publicly, I’ll refrain


For Pastor Lisa

When shadows of sorrow surround you

And no one really knows what to say

You feel loss’ burden upon your heart

And it feels that it might be there to stay

Remember your comforter is not one earthly bound

Your grief’s release shall be at the throne found

Find your brightness in His care

Remember that He and His children for you care


Why Do You Sleep?


Oh, burier of talents, why do you sleep?

There is so much more for you to do

Let not fear dampen your resolve

To use what God in you did imbue

Though the world may seem a scary place

With pitfalls awaiting at every turn

But you have been equipped to overcome

If only the lesson of trust you will learn

For if you honour the giver of your skills

And value the treasures in your care

Then you will make profits manifest

And with all the world you’ll share


Matthew 25:14–30

Industrial Action

Labourers are striking all over the land

Politicians claim, “It’s all out of hand”

But if you stop and ask workers, the question “why?”

It will be plain that all they want

Is a fair piece of the pie

Millionaires and the political classes

Get richer by the day

All that we are asking,

Is that we get fairer pay


Joy of Dawn


Night will pass

Its gloom shall be gone*

Wiped away

By the joy of dawn

Be it hardship

Or the bondage of chains

Joy shall still be our refrain**

Our troubles may seem many

But they shall subside

As with joyful expectation

In Christ’s example we abide***

For as Jesus was lifted

After His pain

We too shall be raised

And victory gain****


*Psalm 30:1-5

**Philippians 1

***Hebrews 12:2-3

****2 Corinthians 4

Thank you Pastor Vince for your message on joyful expectation.