Sharp Against My Tongue

Japans, Food, Sushi


Fish fresh – rice tender

Wasabi – sharp against my tongue

Salty bite of soya – just a hint –

As lunch has just begun

No artificial flavours here

Each bite a treat unique

As the chef preforms his miracles

Taste sensation at its peak






Spectre From Above

Snowy Owl, Owl, Bird, Animal, Animal World, White


Large eyes stare into the night

In search of seeds of grain

Ears perk at every sound

Till all is still again

Then the mouse – does slowly creep

From its nesting lair

A fatal move – for in a flash of white

The spectre strikes as if from nowhere



No Adventures Thus Required


closed red wooden door

Photo by Aachal on Unsplash

Sensible folk – stay at home

For dangers lay in the world abroad

Adventuring types oft – to their own homes bring

Unwanted visitors and maladies odd

We biggers should these truths have learned

From the wise halflings of the Shire

Maybe if we had so done

None of the current measures

Would we now require







Where Are The Flowers?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

Where has that rose-scent – heady gone?

Has it dried and blown away?

Leaving just the husks left behind –

Like from Miss Havisham’s wedding day?

Or have they been picked with bright intent –

And now with tears – gone far away?

Like the blooms of which Pete Seeger sang

On tombstones now displayed

Where has that rose-scent – heady gone?

May they fresh in your vase be found –

Each day with enduring and pure emotion

And may you with your loved one dwell

Roses a symbol of an undying devotion






Photo Challenge #323









Fey Words

CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)



Breath Quiet
Almost unheard
A call for curses?
A summoning of grace?
What mystic rites were released
In those few whispered syllables?
Will they change the course of destiny –

For those of us bound here upon the Earth?

Tell me of the fey words you said
Shall I be now overjoyed
Or should I wait in dread?
What was your intent?
In what you spoke
Breath quiet




SynonymsOnly :“BLESSED & HEX”

Granta and Rhee

Mathematical Bridge, Channel, Cambridge, England



Oh stream of Granta, and the Rhee,

And you – great bend of the Cam

A Castle’s hill o’er you does watch

As you slowly drift to Ouse and then Wash

How many have come to your banks –

To walk the Backs or punt your flow?

Gazing at willows as they pass by

Or a bridge – that they call Sigh

Did they see the stone from Clare Bridge drop?

Do they know your history?

Or is just for Instagram?

A chance to say “Look at me.”





Botanical Union

Leaf, Nature, Green, Abstract, Plants


Shamrock, Thistle, and the Leek

Each was growing free

Now penned in by Rose’s thorns

A counterfeit liberty

Westminster still has much to learn

For there are more than Roses – you see

That make up this fragile union

That they think of as “their” country





Ode To A Hay Bale

Straw, Hay, Harvest, Agriculture, Field, Hay Bales


The days
Of scarecrows
Haystacks and bales
Gone the rail fences
Barbed wire now encloses
Hay now machine-rolled spirals
Tractors now plough – where once teams pulled
In a world of steel and rolled fodder
How can the livestock expect a “square”meal?