Books and Covers

It isn’t at all what you think

Like that husband of mine has drove me to drink

It has nothing to do with him – though he’s a pain

So I can hardly suggest that he’s to blame

And it isn’t that I drink that much

Just a glass here and there – after meetings and such

So do not judge me when I nurse a glass

For I’m just letting a little time to pass

Before I have to get up and reality suspend

And type up my copy to the editor send

For I write for a paper spreading celebrity gossip

It is that and not the whiskey that’s really toxic

Yet people read it, forming judgements and opinions

Like sheep in a flock, the big media minions



There are numbers printed on the tin

Saying what nutrients lie within

They make the print is rather small

So most consumers don’t read it at all

For all the hidden sugar, salt, and “e”s

Must surely cause some type of disease

So the merchants hide facts in plain sight

Knowing we’ll buy it, thinking it will be alright



I tried to do it, but became detained

Purpose and patience ultimately strained

There was that meeting that would never end

And home bound traffic – driving me round the bend

And so when I arrived home and attempted to write

It was virtually the middle of the night

So here are my words though well late

Reflecting how my day did truly frustrate




I often question what should be my angle

When with controversial topics I attempt to tangle

Am I a voice of reason – trying to relate

To all possible views and negotiate?

Or should I the devil’s advocate be?

Stating viewpoints with which I don’t agree

Should I my own mind clearly state?

Is that the angle from which to debate?

The angle I am afraid is seldom clear

So, no one will no which approach I used here


Longest Day No More

The 21st, the longest day

Lingering evening in which to play

It was hard to go to sleep

When rays of sunshine through the curtains creep

But that was all long ago

When I was young and on the go

Now the clock reading half past eight

The time for bed does indicate

So goodbye “longest day”

I plan on sleeping the evening away