Jesus, Children Of God, God Is Pleased

A kingdom not made by hands

Not the creation of any man

A people of power united together

The Lord God at their centre

The spiritual descendants of Abraham

Younger siblings of the Lion-Lamb

Seeking first the Father’s way

Having recieved blessings they cannot repay

But it is a kingdom with a mission

Prepared to share with the world their great commission


Inspired by Pastor Vince’s first lesson of a series on the Kingdom of God.

Butterfly Visit

Peacock Butterfly, Butterfly, Leaves

Gracefully, you float in the sunlight’s beam

Vivid hues of brightness against the garden’s green

How is it that you ride on air?

And land so lightly, as if not even there?

You visit briefly amid your to and through

Our encounters all too brief before you must needs go

But even in brevity they mean all to me

And make me long for you again to see

I anxious await for some future day

When you from your labours and travels

Oh my Butterfly, will return to stay


Weekend Writing Prompt #219 – Vivid in 89 words


Milky Way, Galaxy, Night, Sky, Stars

A whisper?

Faint breath upon the evening breeze

Wordless voice of speaker unseen

You have captured my fascination

Though but why I have no explanation

Yet my ear seeks again your voice to hear

Perhaps to catch your message clear

Do not taunt me with silence now

As I latch upon the chance – your whisper to recieve

I, your devoted auditor avow

That your utterance shall be held precious

If you but once again grace my ear


32 C

Blazing, Face, Shining, Sun, Symbol, Sun

Ek het ys nodig

Send ice quickly please

This sunny stuff is strange to me

I think at the moment

I’d rather freeze

Sun is shining, the sky is clear

My garden’s scorching

To death I fear

And I’m hid away beneath my fan

And hope for the arrival

Of the ice cream van


Community Watch

Tiredness, tears

Tears and tiredness

Fatigue beyond my years

Tears and tiredness

Tiredness, tears

Calls for relief to unhearing ears

Tiredness, tears

Tears and tiredness

Standing watch to protect my peers

Tears and tiredness

Tiredness, tears

Hope for help as morning nears

Tears, Tiredness

Tiredness and tears


dVerse – Chant Poetry

Written in honour of the community members that have posted themselves to protect their neighbourhoods in the present unrest in South Africa.


A labour of love

Bringing forth exquisite tastes and smells

Tomatoes plump and red, the table to grace

As purple lavender perfume the heart does swell

Bees intent of their daily chores

As butterflies flit among the blossoms as well

And I sit upon the bench, and take in my accomplishments sweet

And ignore the few incroaching weeds, and that annoying passing snail


Poetics – Garden(ing)

Giants’ Respose

Autumn, Forest, Log, Moss, Leaf, Nature

Dark giants upon the loam prostrate lie

Clothed in robes of emeald green

Shadows incroach upon their slumber

As canopy roof hides them from the sky

How came these titans to here rest?

What labours prompted their long repose?

Was it feats of consequence grand

That fatigued them beyond the power to stand?