The Berm

CCC #128

I travel upwards upon the berm

A rampart of yesterday

What ran through the minds of those who first ascended

As the prepared to enter the fray?

For me it is a peaceful climb

If not but a little steep

But was it like to those who fell there

Causing widows and mothers to weep?


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #128

Moment More

brown field near sea during daytime

David Clode at Unsplash

The wind sweeps across the dunes

And waves break upon the shore

Barren yet beautiful the scene calls

The hear to seek to spend there a moment more

To leave and return to the realm of men

The daily rush of commerce

Seems not so much a life real

But something quite inverse

So give me but a minute more

That my soul with nature can converse


Access Denied

Knight, Historical Fencing, Middle Ages, Fight, Sword

I am the guardian of this way

And to pass by me you must pay

The toll and tribute my lord demands

For he is the master of all these lands

And if you wish the enter by this gate wide

You will find that your access shall be denied

Unless you pay the forementioned fee

And perhaps a little extra for me