Getting Up

Stephen Kidd

Getting up is overrated

I know this cuz I’ve contemplated

The effort required

Even if inspired

To leave the place where I’m sated

Getting up is overrated

After all it’s here that I waited

For someone to come by

Then I might try

To leave my comfy spot vacated



Fantasy, Map, Drawing, Fantasy Map

In fantasy fiction adventures won’t come your way

If at home or the Shire you stay

The life is not like that – adventures come your way

By just living out – each and every day

Make the most of each moment – learn what you can

And you shall find amazing things at every hand


Autumn Has Come

Mushroom, Leaves, Forest, Fall, Nature

Autumn now has fully come

Rainy skies instead of sun

Mushrooms arising – their presence plain

As the green from leaves does drain

Mornings kissed with fog and chill

With afternoons remaining pleasant still


State of Things

Social Distancing, Line, People

Price gouging

Raking it in

Vendors getting fat

While times are thin

Panic buying

Of things in supply

No one really knows

The reason why

We just have to have it

Must go with the flow

All those in the queues

Surely must be in the know


Stepping Out

Your Corn Is like a Factory Assembly Line - Peterson Farms Seed

Drudgery, sludgery

Continuing the same of slog

That is the life you get

As just one of the system’s cogs

Do dare step out of line

And your own song boldly sing?

Let me know how that works out

As I do the expected thing



Computer Games, Game Console, Baby, Teen

After a week rushing to and fro

The weekend is a time to take it slow

While pressures mount on every weekday

It’s time to decompress on Sat-here-day

Yes, sitting and relaxing

With a game or a snore

No deadlines or directives,

Who could ask for more?