Veteran’s Lament

Man, Warrior, Portrait, Soldier, Army, Knight, Hero

Do you remember me –

The idealistic and excited lad, from back when we began?

Adventure awaited, and the world stood before us

How far have we come?

Have our scars altered us?

Have the experiences of a lifetime left us changed?

Green pastures now seem but empty fields

Lush woodlands places of lurking danger

Do you remember me –

The innocent of days gone by?

Please remember that me

For he is forgotten by I



Mime, Clown, Expression, Circus, Make-Up

I didn’t see it coming

Had no clue – before it hit

It wasn’t that I was unaware

It was that the path

It wasn’t lit

For some this is a metaphor

Of these things of recent times

But that doesn’t excuse the fact

That I was run-over by a cycle-riding mime


Here We Go Again

Monopoly, Games, Game, Corporation

Baltic Avenue looks familiar

I think I’ve been here before

Just passing through the prison

And the electric company’s door

This really gets exhausting

And I really need a rest

What I want is some free parking

Not some card from a community chest

They say life has some circles

Things that go around and round

But I think this is getting crazy

As I am once more Boardwalk bound

I guess I’ll collect my salary

As the big word Go appears

And we like a shoe or a Scotty

Land on the square where we can begin again


Today’s prompt: End with the line “where we can begin again”


Drinks, Alcohol, Cocktails, Alcoholic

It really is peculiar

A very unnerving thing

To hear a lie so often

That it takes on a truthful ring

Whether from the lips of rulers

Or the “homework” tales of babes

Half-truths and exaggerations

Or downright fibbing claims

It really is unnerving

To be considered so very thick

That when lied to directly

They think the lie will stick



Kitchen, Cook, Pot, Cooking Pot, Stove

Dish it up – And serve it now

I’m so hungry – I could eat a cow

What do you mean? I have to wait?

I sitting here with an empty plate

You really should have started sooner

I’m quickly losing my sense of humour

“Eat some bread sticks while I wait?”

Is that what’s become of my fate?

If you take much longer – I’ll waste away

Can’t you meet me at least halfway?

Never mind

I’ll get a takeaway



Fleece, Hide, Wool, Sheep, Fluffy

In ancient times we are told

Jason sought a fleece of gold

His bravery is clear from that story old

But Gideon, I think was even more bold

For he used a fleece – God to test

Not once – but twice he made requests

And in the end he had to reflect

That he had to do what God expects

So if we wish with God to connect

The tasks He gives we shouldn’t reject

But like Jason and Gideon of times old

We should true to our missions hold


Rag Tag – Fleece


Kitten, White, Cat, Cute, Domestic

No, not again – how could you return?

I thought all those bridges I did burn

I sent you to some folks far away

And they said they were glad to have you stay

My eyes are watering

I have to sneeze

Can you just go back and remain there, please?

Okay I admit

You’re kind of cute

It is a fact I can’t dispute

But you are not suppose to be back here

This is not your place – didn’t I make that clear

I have three goldfish now – don’t you go near

Please don’t look at me – in that way

(Achoo) – I guess I’m going to let to stay


Today’s prompt: Begin with the line “No, not again”


Blurred Photo of Woman in Red Running Through Poppy Field

Freddie Addery at Pexels

Did you see her?

If so, are you sure?

She departed so quickly

She was just a blur

Lasting relations

Were just not her thing

She revelled in causing

Broken-hearts with their sting

It’s not that she’s evil

It’s not that she’s bad

It’s that she’s bit flighty

A self-professed nomad