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I’ve seen it all before

But it is not an exact match

How after toiling away at sea

I returned without a catch


I have seen it all before

Returning from fishing

Jesus waiting on the shore

But this time no ride wishing


I have seen it all before

A miraculous catch of fish in store

But this time of my feelings He did implore

Then the question of love – asked two times more


I have seen it all before

He with tasks and goals for me

Despite my failings and sins

My life – Jesus willing to restore


Luke 5; John 21




FOWC with Fandango — Catch


August Bible Poem 5

This is the fifth of my August Bible Poems. I have set the goal of writing 15 scripture inspired poems in the month of August.  I hope they will touch something in your hearts.

True Power?


Taylor at Unsplash


Where does true power lay?

What o’er your life has control?

Are you the master of your own destiny –

Whether in part or the whole?


Was there power in that promise that was made?

Was strength really caused by the hair?

Was the physical might put on display –

In the thick ringlets you wear?


Did the promise made to God –

In Manoah’s wife’s fervent prayer

Mean as much to you –

As a Philistine’s bed to share?


You trusted in “your” strength alone

In the wit – in which you thought you showed skill

And yet for all your deceit and lies

Delilah’s was greater still


And why did you not seem to see?

Or become in the least paranoid?

Did her constant questions about your power –

Even once make you annoyed?


Did your lust and vain pride –

Blind you even before

Your shearing and capture when

The Philistine’s your eyes – out did gore?


Where does true power lay?

Does it rest in human might or the sword?

Are you the master of your own destiny –

Or does it come in the end from the Lord?


Judges 13 -16




August Bible Poem 4





In Duress Agree

Fire, Pot, Historical, Reenactment, Cauldron, Flame


Like Nimrod before me – a hunter great

Unmatched by others in my skill

So why then my plate empty

Unable to score a kill?


Famished and dropping – I found my way home

My brother stewing lentils – was there

A bowl full from him  – I did command

He said only if my oath – I would swear


My birthright he demanded – there from me

In exchange for a mere pot of stew

His conditions – in the face of starvation – sure

I did in duress  – with him – agree




Genesis 25:29-34


August Bible Poem 3



Time Telling

Woman, Middle-Aged, Mischievous, Happy


If you’re conversing with a lady

And courtship is your quest

And the topic of intentions is muted

Be careful of what you suggest.


And if it then arises

That her age – is by you to be guessed

No matter how dainty her tone

Remember it’s really a test.


So here is my advice – well reasoned

The thing that you should say –

Start with the figure most likely (like-lay)

Then five years take away.


To be safe then subtract yet another –

Year or two or three

She may then accuse you – of trying

To seduce her by mere flattery.


But the result – I assure you –

The far better outcome it will be

Than mindlessly blurting out

The age that you think you see.



New Course Bound

Egypt, Man, Bedouin, Desert, Sheep, Hot, People


Jethro was growing concerned about his son-in-law.  He hadn’t seemed quite himself since he arrived home.  Something must have happened out there, but what?

“Jethro, I need to be away for awhile, and I’m not sure exactly how long,” his son-in-law finally announced.

“Where are you going?” the kindly old man asked.

“Egypt, there is something I need to do there.”

And that was that.  Moses had always been a little different, Jethro supposed.


Destiny’s encounter – in the wilderness

A flame divinely kindled found

His past he could no longer suppress

His life’s journey now on a new course bound




Exodus 3


August Bible Poem 2







Sea Dream Tableau

Boy, Ship, Sailor, Kids, Sea, View, Childhood, Nicely

Виктория Бородинова at Pixabay*


When I grow up, I
Will a mariner –
So hearty become.
Like father before
Me – Who left only
His seafaring dreams.

When I have grown up
A mariner too,
A man like Father,
A bold sailor he,
Now lost in briny
Sea. His legacy?

When I have become
A man of the sea,
I will storms defy
And I unlike my
father – will refuse
In the waves to die.




*While this poem is the construction of my imagination, it was stirred not only by the prompt but by the art and photography of Victoria Borodinova.  Her work on Pixabay is well worth looking at for inspiration and illustration.  This present photo, which I came across a few days ago, has been weighing in my mind, waiting for this prompt to find its poetic release.

Saturday Mix – The Tableau

“The Tableau, a poetry form created by Emily Romano in October of 2008, consists of one or more verses, each having six lines. Each line should have five beats. There is no set rhyme scheme, although rhyme may be present. The title should contain the word tableau.”

In Cana Village

They filled the six large jars to the brim with water. – Slide 7


In Cana Village a pair were wed

Like hundreds and thousands before

But their celebration was like no other

By the miraculous action of the Lord


When all the party was in full swing

And the wine too in full flow

Libations few were to be had

So Mary to Jesus did go


“Woman what does this have to do with me?

In what way is it my concern?”

But by what happened there next

The world – His identity would learn


Vessels of water were then filled

According to His command

And where water had been – wine was now

The finest in all the land


So the wedding was thus blessed

By Jesus’ wonder – the first

And the Banquet Master marveled at

The manner that Jesus sated their thirst




August Bible Poem 1

Adventure Unfold


Eisenbahtunnel, Tunnel, Railway, Rail, Rails, Track


Little train – adventure find

Mysteries lay bare

On track to your destiny

Let this journey take you there


Though chugging into darkness

Into things as yet unknown

May discover all your wants and dreams

And claim them for your own




Fandango’s Dog Days of August: Fandango’s challenge was to write on the of theme “something you found.”  The prompt morphed in my mind into the process of “finding,” or of the discovery of experiences new.  Who knows what thrills might be found next in places unexpected?



Odd One Out

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Image: Amazon


Can you remember – back in the 80s

When cell phones looked like a brick?

Strawberry lip gloss – was all the craze –

Unless you went for bright cherry lipstick.

Shoulder-pads – on femme power-suits were worn

And bright coloured tubes – to keep your legs warm

Then to top off – the whole enchilada

Big hair was the thing of the day

But I’ll bet ya’ your very last sand dollar 

That Stallone looked odd – dressed in that way





Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #32:

“The prompt words and phrases are lipstickbrick, the whole enchiladasand dollarpeachynectar, and coral. . . .  Since the usual game of One of These Things Is Not Like the Others has only four choices, that’s how many of the paint chips I’m challenging you to use in your poem.”


Act, Woman, Female, Breasts, Erotic, Naked, Nudes


New and full of potential

Ill-defined of what it shall become

Infantile – the word’s true meaning

But full of so much promise – life just begun


Blooming – coming of age

Self-consciousness of the swell

Uneasy transformation

Puberty’s unlocked secret – now to tell


Ample – alluring

Lover’s attentions to titillate

Femininity manifest

Enhanced by lace uplifted – ultimate bait


Nourishing – life giving

New generation to sustain

Painful at times, and leaking

But she’d do it all again


Comforting – familiar

Soul-mate’s harbour secure

To snuggle into safely

Helping life’s pressures to endure


Declining- drawn by gravity

Or by cruel illness – cut away

But the heart beneath still beating

She – as loving, as nurturing in every way