So Inclined


Be good to each other

And all will be fine

Try not to be selfish

If you are that way inclined

Work together in all that you do

These are some tips

To cite just a few

Try to keep those positive attitudes

Especially when dealing with my ongoing platitudes


Dark Essence

Photo credit Pobble 365


Visage in the mirror reflected

But essence captured – apprehended

Locked away building stronger

Until it cannot be contained any longer

And then the essence will run free

A life its own in a nocturnal spree

Doing all that you in the daytime stifle

Your true intentions expressed without reprisal

What dark thoughts do hide away?

That will cause mischief if allowed to play?




It had long been my deeply held conviction

That certain things required restriction

But laissez-faire seems the thing today

Everyone doing stuff in their own way

Social mores and law and order too

Are things required of but a few

Politicians flaunt their heightened privilege

While modern armies burn and pillage

I hope that we might end these afflictions

And stop the excesses with some criminal convictions




Exercise books seem to never end

No matter how long on them I spend

The arguments and phrases contained within

Repeated student after student – until my head does spin

I’m out of green ink in my pen

So I’ll go find another and get started again