Joy of Dawn


Night will pass

Its gloom shall be gone*

Wiped away

By the joy of dawn

Be it hardship

Or the bondage of chains

Joy shall still be our refrain**

Our troubles may seem many

But they shall subside

As with joyful expectation

In Christ’s example we abide***

For as Jesus was lifted

After His pain

We too shall be raised

And victory gain****


*Psalm 30:1-5

**Philippians 1

***Hebrews 12:2-3

****2 Corinthians 4

Thank you Pastor Vince for your message on joyful expectation.


Danny from his treetop perch

scanned the landscape far below.

“I think it’s gone,” he announced.

“Now’s our chance to go.”

“Are you sure it’s safe?” Tommy asked.

“I didn’t see it leave.”

“No, a bear’s too big for me the miss,”

Dan replied with confident ease.

The pair descended from their sanctuary high

to the patient bear hiding behind a bush nearby.




I went to print a poem inspired

But the printer cartridge had no ink

“How could this be?” I enquired

“I changed it recently, I think”

And so I had – both coloured and black

Filled them a month before

But it had run low despite the fact

That I hadn’t made copies by the score

“Is this a money spinner for big tech?

Surely it can’t all be used as of yet.”

And so I opened yet another pack

Rather costly to me regret.


Name Dropping

For prestige – some drop names

Thinking it will increase their personal fame

That association or “mere knowledge of”

Will in relation to others – raise them above

But this is a often a tricky game

For all outcomes – are not the same

In the Bible there is a case

Where dropping names caused disgrace

Sceva’s sons invoked Jesus’ name

And landed them in a heap of pain

Causing them, bruised and nude, to run away

And to be examples of folly to this very day


Acts 19