Household of Faith

A Mothers' Prayer Meeting |

A household of faith – standing side by side

For each other’s needs prepared to provide

Bound as a family – steeped in love

Like that shown to us from Him above

While we were yet sinners, we still had His affection

And He placed us on a path to develop perfection

While we may not have managed to attain it

We begin with things like the kindness we transmit

For each of our brethren have their needs

And we can easily provide for them – when we give up our greed

We are a household, one built on belief

And together we can change the world – giving to others relief


Thank you again Brother Vince for a powerful message

Monarch’s Chair

Monarch of the Wood, I have seen your chair

Why was it that you were not there?

Is it that your realm invasion faces

With plastic, and filth in your precious places?

Have you gone – your lands to defend?

Shall you return at the battle’s end?

Or shall we weep that you have fled the place?

Please say, I pray, that’s not the case


CCC 158


Farm Girl, Harvest, Agriculture, Autumn

You dismiss yourself as a country bumpkin

But the stuff that you know is really quite something

Who these days – still knows how to sew?

Or can their own veg, much less make it grow?

Your skills are precious in world all online

As you can survive – network fail time


When ME is the Collective

Apocalypse, City, Ruins, Buildings

We say we’ve moved on

Beyond fairy tale and superstition.

Led by the empirical, our own minds,

And accompanied by selfish ambition

We have abandoned the divine,

Leading to society’s demolition.

When “I” become more than the rest of the whole

If followed by all – this has a terrible toll.

Society and culture are meant to be a collective

If we live just for ourselves – that must surely be defective.



Stitches and weaves

Patterned knots and twists

Woollen yarn warm

From neck to the wrists

Knit or crocheted

Or made on a loom

To hold winter at bay

And its accompanying gloom

And of all the jumpers, cardies,

Sweaters, and vests

It are those made by a loved one

That are always best


The true warmth in winter is found in love.

Beyond Knowing

Graduation, Future, University, Cap, Graduate, College

I am educated

I know my stuff

But knowing about

Is not enough

The Word of God

Is a thing to live

Not just something some study to give

Yes love the Lord with all your mind

But also with heart and strength combined

Study yes – to show yourself approved

But don’t forget to be by the Spirit moved