The Poet

Writer, Shadow, Man

He was the best at rhymes

When at the best of times

Then at others his rhyme was weak

His poetry often at those times – did absolutely wreak

He would chose a forced pun just for fun

Attempts many another would have chosen to shun

A poet of renown would he be

Fame and fortune he did seek

But his verse was so bad – that in the end

His day job he’d have to keep


Flowery Words

Minne, Minstrel, Middle Ages, Costume

Image by Reinhard Thrainer from Pixabay


From poet’s lips flowery words seem to flow

But it’s but the bards’ illusion

The spells that seem in an instant cast

Are more than mere effusion

The word-play is by practice learned

In hours of verbal profusion

So simple then it does appear

Whether “ad hoc” or an allusion

But if by the flow you are won

Be sure to pay on its conclusion




Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Poet’s lips