Time and Place

I don’t quite remember

The time or the place

That I first saw

His now famous face

But ever since that inaugural day

He’s been on our screens

Prominently displayed

Sometimes for good

Sometimes for ill

But I am sure

That he’s on there still



Mere variation on the theme

Of what we’ve seen before

Promises made and made again

From the stage or hustings floor

While I’m sure they are sincere in their intent

They will soon forget it all if to Number Ten they’re sent

Why should I find myself – so cynical too this degree

Just check the record of the past ten years

And I’m sure that you’ll agree




Gathered for a solemn meeting

Matters of import to be treating

Opinions and causes a spectrum wide

A course of action to decide

Some from the heart let emotions flair

And others move with caution and deliberate care

And while at times heated whether left or right

In the end – democratic – they will unite