The Assignment

The Prisoner Shop, Portmeirion


“Yes, Number One, I understand,” the administrator assured.  “I will keep you informed.”


Number Two placed the large red phone on the desk and pondered the challenges of yet another “priority” arrival to The Village.


“A spy,” he thought to himself, “He shouldn’t be any more difficult than the Commodore, or the Currier to break.”


But leaving nothing the chance, Number Two quickly checked that the monitors were in order, and that Rover was prepared.


He picked up a blue telephone and said to a subordinate, “Prepare Cottage Six for a new arrival.”


Satisfied with his preparations, Number Two wrapped a striped scarf around his neck.  He then grabbed his umbrella shooting stick and went for a stroll under the towers and domes of his domain.


(126 words)


What Pegman Saw: Portmeirion