Message To The Manager

Business, Lady, Woman, Girl, Computer, Smile, Café


You tried to ruin me,

But I knew it could not be done.

I played along with your belief

That you had against me won.

What you could not have known

In your malicious deeds and thought

Was that I had already  – the company

With my savings bought.


PS:  Please empty your desk by the end of business Friday.




Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Finish the phrase You tried to ruin me, but I…”




Revolution, Protest, Insurrection, Marching, Parade


Americans have Independence Day

For the French it is Bastille

Revolutions and the change they bring

Can turn the world on its head or heel


In England,  Revolution – was Glorious

Not so much on the Celtic Fringe

Glencoe, and the Boyne did show

How on life – changes impinge


Even in France with all the talk

Of things like “Fraternity”

Heads did roll beneath guillotines

In a terror-filled tyranny


And what of Revolution Industrial?

Smokey factories and clearance of lands

Grown men’s employment lost

In favour of cheap children with little hands


Revolutions are tricky things

Oft times mere actions of the mobs

The ideals that inspired them

Are forgotten and end in sobs




dVerse – Poetics-Revolution


Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 8

a turquoise car with fin tails

photo by Samuel Taylor via Unsplash

Please take me to a time of simpler things,
The ‘Good Old Days,” when cars had wings,
Of poodle skirts and “Friendship Rings.”

Three Line Tales, Week 175  6 June 2019

imageedit_5_9473823606 (1)

Midnight moon over –

Sleeping city dark and cold –

‘Til the coming dawn

Haunted Wordsmith Prompt: Haiku 7 June 19

photo by Alex Guillaume via Unsplash

As in days of yore –  bows do bend –
Today aimed towards bails of hay –
And not at armoured men.

Three Line Tales, Week 176  13 June 19


Here I stand, not moving left or right –
Not sure whether to stand or run –
To follow fight or flight.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Twenty-four   14 June 19

Image result for martini and olive

He was rattled and swirled
The world spinning and blurred
It’s not easy to be an olive
In a swizzled martini

Goodreads Prompt: Rattled 17 June 19






The Sail-Maker

Image result for sailmaking

evening news

The Sail-Maker


Simon Sullivan Shanassy

Was simply a sight to see

Swiftly sewing sailcloth

In shore shed by the sea


Simon Sullivan Shanassy

Sewed several sails each day

Sewn smoothly and securely

So sure as not to fray


Seams so straight so slender

Silken soft and still so strong

Simon Sullivan Shanassy’s sails

Surely seldom e’r go wrong



Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s  on 26 January was to write a Tongue Twister poem.  Though a few days late, here is my go.

Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 2

three line tales, week 151: an old carousel

photo by Harpal Singh via Unsplash

Life is full of swings and roundabouts – offering promises of joy
But like the night watchman at the fair,
It is empty when faced alone

Three Line Tales, Week 151 20 Dec 18


Spring’s blossom and Summer’s glory,
Bright Autumn’s bounty – now frozen,
Giving Winter provision – providing hope

TLT Throwback 27 December 18



Everyday happenings and chance meetings the tinder,

Kindling ideas which spark and glow

And ignite our imagination

Sammi Cox Prompt – Ignite in 17 words 29 Dec 18


imageedit_6_9218313910 (1)

Life speeds forwards to new triumphs and mistakes,

Leaving us in this moment to glance backwards,

At the memories left in its wake.

Old Photo Prompt 2 Jan 19

three line tales, week 153: a lot of paintings

“A pictures worth a thousand words,” artists say it’s true,
We authors know when it comes to life,
That our abridgments are kind of nice too.

Three Line Tales, Week 153 3 Jan 19

cracked church window

Arch without door,
Window without pane,
If only people could be so open,
We’d have so much less pain.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #8 2 Jan 19