Garden (ABP 6)

Pathway, Path, Pink Tulips, Tulips


A space enclosed – attended

Tamed – yet in its essence wild

Impression of a wilderness

But loving cared for like a child*

These realms of green haven

Illusions designed by our own intent

Of something long lost primeval

A perfection from which we were sent**




*Genesis 2:15

**Genesis 3:23-24


August Bible Poem 6





In Our Baskets Stick

Image by Alicja from Pixabay

Summer excursion amid tangles

Of sharp-thorned brambles thick

Sweet purple – black fruit to find

And in our baskets stick

It is a joy to scavenge so

But the pales when we compare

To the lovely jam that we will eat

That mother will prepare




dVerse – Brambles

Drum On

image: Chattanooga Times Free Press


Rhythmic drumming from beyond the glade

A snare call for those marching to its beat

Rousing courage in those afraid

As battle beckons their marching feet

Drummer boy  –  give cadence to all

For how can you possibly know –

You’ll be the first to fall?




dVerse Quadrille #106: Drum




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They must see it as a silliness

Over on the Scilly Isles –

On St Martin’s and Tresco

It must really raise a smile –

That we complain about “isolation”

While they’re out there all the while

Separated from the Cornish Coast

On those Scilly Isles




dVerse – Write a Quadrille: a poem that is EXACTLY 44 words long, including the word “silly”





Our Doors We Close

Feet, Pajamas, Parquet, Summer, Nails, Legs

In isolation, our doors we close

Watching TV, in comfortable clothes

Many will remain – pajamas-clad

Why not wear them? It can’t be bad

No worries about who may see

Even the shopping delivery’s contact free

No face-to-face exposure needed

As our doors we close