Close-up Photo of Woman Covering Her Ears
Oleg Magni at Pexels

I can’t be bothered

I don’t really care

It’s your problem

There’s no need to share

I am not cold-hearted

But I’m still dismissive

Of the complaints you cited

In that five-page missive

Go deal with it on your own

And leave me alone



Fruit of the Vine

Wine, White, Red, An Isolated, Glass

Be it a white clear,

A rose pink,

Or a deep purple red

As dark as ink

The grape has produced

Drinks deemed fine

Whether dubbed vino or wine

But as a Protestant quite fundamental

It’ll be for Concord grape juice

That I’ll settle




White Fireplace

Szymon Mosakowski at Pexels

Brickwork surrounding a quaint fireside

A copper kettle there steaming upon its hook

No matter how the chill wind may blow outside

The fire’s glow warms the inglenook

A warm cup of something soon to provide

In this refuge as we chat and cook


dVerse – Inglenook