After the Rain

Rainbow, Weather, Sky, Clouds, Panorama

When the sun through clouds creeps

And warm beams the soils do dry

It is like a sweet regeneration

As freshly watered plants reach to sunlit sky

Pathways steam in the warming sun

And flowers their blooms stretch open

All is refreshed and new again

And sound returns to the solar fountain

Its splash and trickle instead of the rain

At least until the clouds return again


While Picnics Wait

Picnic Table, Raining, Wet, Trees, Mud, Dirt, Nature
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

When rains
Arrive beating
Winds howl and fences creak
Be thankful for prescious moisture
Cloud born
While at times falling – unwelcome
Still is a life giver
The Spring picnics
Can wait


After an April with near drought conditions, I was glad to see much needed rain. Yet all across social media people were complaining that the May Bank Holiday was a “wash-out.” This despite the fact that the pandemic is still a very real thing.

Written for Colleen’s Poet’s Choice challenge.

Rain of Terror

Car, Blur, Blurry, Background Bokeh, Bright, Lamp, City

As the rhythmic beat of the wipers competed with the ebb and crescendo of the drumming of the rain, Mort watched as the motorists whose only ailment was an allergy to getting rained-on scrambled from the disabled parking spaces. Mort watched, and thought to himself how much he hated the task which lay before him; but his mission – as feared and despised as death itself – beckoned. He took a deep breath, then adjusting the rain cover on his uniform cap, he grabbed his ticket book and exited the Parking Control vehicle.



The Tease

Grass, Natural, Garden, Floral, Dry


Dust-dry ground heated

And soon to be baked by the sun

Bleached grass and receding ponds

E’er since the Spring begun.

Where are those kisses of moisture sweet,

Those drops of cooling life?

Wispy cloud pass over head

But their rich treasures they withhold.

Then it happens a few sharp drops,

Bullet-like pelt the ground.

Dust explodes from impact firm

But then the barrage does cease

The teasing done, the clouds move on

Leaving the sun to bake in peace




dVerse – Rain