Covid Romance

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Forever seems a long time,” Hennie typed onto the messenger.

Lockdown, isn’t forever,” Kennan responded.  “All of this will end eventually.”

Sure seems like forever,” she replied.

He responded with a sad faced emoji.

Flirting online had become the extent of their fledgling relationship.

I can’t wait till school starts again, and I can see you,” she mused in print.

Calculus was the high point of my day too,” he responded.

Thank you,” she wrote and added a bashful face.

I signed up for Art and Debate, like you suggested,”

Oh, that’s so sweet.”

Now we will have three classes together,” he typed, adding a kiss face.




The Write-In Celebrate National Flash Fiction Day with us! On 6 June 2020



The Speed Date

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Maryrose and Chip sat across from each other at the speed dating event.

“Wow, five minutes isn’t much time, is it?” Mary Rose observed, trying to break the ice.

“No.  But sometimes you just ‘know’ if it’s right,” Chip said.

“And how are you feeling right now,” she said seductively.

Chip flushed and attempted deflect by observing, “Maryrose, that’s a pretty name.  I went to school with a Rosemary, but never heard it the other way around before.”

“Oh, I know it’s a little different.  Mum loved prawn cocktail, it’s kind of embarrassing.  I usually go by just Mary though.  What about Chip, is that a nickname, like ‘chip off the old block’, or something?”

Chip reddened again and said,”No, it’s my real name.  My mum loved her fries.”

It was then that Mary and Chip knew they had something!



A Heart Full

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A. A. Milne wrote “Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”


It’s not mounds of presents

Nor grand gestures large

It’s often the small things

Which our batteries recharge

It’s a smile, or a thank you

A welcome, or a please

It’s them caring to say “Bless you”

When you unexpectedly sneeze

“You make that outfit look good,”

Instead of the reverse

It’s a shoulder to cry on

When you think “things can’t get much worse”

Your heart may be spacious

But it’s the little things that fill it

So be sure to say thank you

To those who make you feel it







More Than Bricks and Mortar

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Lock-down, quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing have had a major impact on our lives.   This is no less true of our worship, than with any other of our other social interactions.  But Pastors, Priests, and other faith leaders have been proactive in bringing what the modern world has to offer to keep their flocks together, and to fulfill the instruction of Hebrews 10:25, that we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.

This morning, as on the last several Lord’s Days, I “attended” worship on a live feed which linked the saints together.  The word was powerful as we were reminded that times of trial help prove us, and prepare us for the Lord’s work.  Our growth often has a “necessity” of such trials.  The worshiping of God from the vantage point of our physical separation from one another is one such trial.

It does show us another great truth, however.  The church (Ekklesia) is not the physical structure in which we gather.  We do not “go to church.”  Rather we are the church!  We, the Body of Christ, not the bricks and mortar are church.  The challenge then is for us the “Be Church.”  Nothing else is good enough.

Whether we are housed together with loved ones, linked by technology, or in near total isolation, we are tied together by far more.  We are bound by the blood of Christ!  We are family, and we are a body (I Corinthians 12).   We are Church.




Moving On

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Doris went over to comfort her best fiend, Hazel who had just gone through the most acrimonious break up that one could imagine.

“You look amazing,” Doris said as Hazel opened the front door.

“Thank you, you look good too.”

“I am so glad you are doing so well, I thought I might have to do some serious cheering up.”

“No I’m really good actually,” Hazel said.

“By the way, I think that is the most beautiful jacket I have ever seen,” Doris said.  “Where did you get it?”

“I made it?” Hazel replied.

“Where did you get that marvelous silk fabric?”

“Do you remember Dan’s skydiving hobby?” Hazel asked.

“Yes,” Doris answered a little confused.

“It’s from his rig?”

“But isn’t he supposed to be jumping today?”

“I hope so.”




Weekend Writing Prompt #154 – Fabric in 131 words



Scavenger Hunt

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Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

“Did you see that?” Lisa asked.

“See what?” Jon asked looking up from his book.

“Precisely,” she rejoined.  “I am going stir-crazy.”

“We could watch Netflix,” he suggested.

“No, I’m TVed out.”

“We could play Cluedo.” 

“No, it’s not much fun if it’s just the two of us.  Besides we played that yesterday.  I want to do something different,” Lisa said forlornly.

“Okay, you stay here in the lounge and give me let’s say twenty minutes.”

Jon took a notebook off of the desk and went into the bedroom.  A short time later he made his way to the bathroom, and then the kitchen.

“Honey, what in the world are you doing?” she called.

“You’ll see soon enough,” he replied.

Finally Jon returned and plopped down on the settee.  He then handed her the notebook, and said, “It’s a scavenger hunt.  Just follow the clues, and I’ll let you now the first one is right here in the lounge.”

Lisa looked at the words, Something Ernest.  

She looked around the room and then saw Jon smirking from behind his book.

“It’s your book, Farewell to Arms,” she said triumphantly.

“Not bad,” he said.  “Now just nineteen more to find.”

After about an hour she returned to the settee.

“Okay, I struggled a bit with the Sacrlet Brusher, I had no idea there was a spare toothbrush under the sink.  All the others were simple.  But I can’t find eighteen at all.  The only only Knotted Dough I could think of that we would have was pretzels, but I couldn’t find any.”

“Sorry,” he said brushing the crumbs from his T-shirt. “I got hungry.”








Three A.M.


Araki Photograph Studio


“Turn off the light, I’m trying to sleep,

It’s your own fault that you can’t settle.

I said don’t eat –

All those plates that you heap –

You’ll only regret eating it later.

It’s not the three pizzas, that you devoured with one breath?

There’s something else on your mind – that’s the matter?

Then give me a moment to put on the kettle,

You can tell all about what’s on your mind,

I may be tired, having had a long day,

But that’s no reason I cannot be kind.”




A salute to all of the patient and loving spouses and partners who make our lives rich.


Photo Challenge #299