Comes and Goes

In our life we seem to expect

That our rights are respected and in effect

But freedoms are oft – hard won

And not truly guaranteed to anyone

For when we become complacent and cease to question

Those in power and their political obsession

Our privilege and rights can face regression


[life, freedom, rights, and regression]


Statue Of Liberty, Landmark, Island, New York, America


We talk often of our rights

Our sacred liberty

But here are some important lessons

About liberal democracy


You have the right to raise your fist

There are few the act would oppose

But the right raise that self-same fist

Ends at the tip of my nose


Your speech you say – is an inalienable right

That is true —

As long as you  —

No violence do insight


So beware of politicians’ claims

That they your rights preserve

Judge them by their actions

And the agenda that they serve


These are but my opinions

But I offer them as one free

And you in your freedom

Can concur or disagree