Bird, Dove, Fly, Nature, Wing, White

I had a look at the azure sky

As clouds ethereal – insubstantial drifted by

I spied there a dove delicatefrail

The symbol of benevolent peace there fly


Same, Same, But Different –

“Take the five challenge words and NOT use them in your writing. 

Your words are:

  1. see
  2. blue
  3. soft
  4. kind
  5. weak


Woman, Shopping, Happy, Bags, Dresses

It’s the paradox of finance:

You need debt to gain credit

Yet to save is the advice –

And owing too much money

Can be seen as a vice.

If you spend freely you’re a spendthrift –

A miser if you save

Because the economy needs you

That’s what they say.

Economics – it seems a subject quite deep

Yet you seem an airhead or shallow

If conspicuous shopping

Is all that you seek


Weekend Writing Prompt #184 – Paradox in 71 words

Saturday Mix –  Our words this week are: save and spend / shallow and deep


Champagne, Bottles, Cooling, Wine, Alcohol, Drink

It is said that she has such a bubbly personality.  Well that true if what you mean is that her personality is marked by her prolific consumption of champagne.  Once she gets a few glasses of the bubbly stuff into her, she is the life of the party.

While that might seem a good thing, it does cause a little bit of concern at the parties she frequents.  You see,  Barbara Wright, aka Bubbles the Clown is a children’s entertainer.




Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor

FOWC with Fandango — Prolific


Ice, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Flavors, Colorful, Waffle

Charlotte had a dilemma of sorts. It was nearly time to go back to work, but as she had met up with Debz for her break, it hadn’t really been much of a rest since they chased about a bit checking out the stalls at the sea front. Now her ice cream was starting to melt, and run down the cone onto her hand. Should she throw it out and head to the office, or just eat the whole thing quickly – risking a brain-freeze? Well at over a pound a scoop a little freeze was a small price to pay.


“Our challenge is all about “opposing forces” and the use of antithesis in our writing. You will need to use the two opposing words in your response – which can be poetry or prose.”

Our words this week are:

– melt and freeze

– rest and work

Tudor Tutorial

Public Domain

Henry had Henry

Who had Ed, Mary, and Liz

That’s the way it works

In the royalty bizz

Spanish Mary failed – to give Eight a son

So he divorced her

And sent her to live like a nun

He then married Anne because she was hot

But to do so – he became a Prot

Exit Rome, to monks say goodbye, 

Till Mary made her entrance and Cranmer did die

Along came Liz and the papacy she forbids

She sank some Spanish boats –

But she didn’t have kids

To Scotland for a new monarch

An invitation – they did send

So there our Tudorial must come to an end



Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces:

Our words this week are:

– divorced and married

– exit and entrance