Biscay Cruise (Part Two): Sea Days

The two sea days crossing Bay of Biscay were wet and blustery.  The pools were wave machines in their own right, and most passengers stayed in the enclosed areas of the ship and made the most of the dining and lounge spaces, as well as the entertainment venues.

One of these oases of calm is the Anderson’s Lounge.  This is a beautiful space with upholstered couches, a marble mock fireplace, and hardwood paneling. My wife and I had some high quality chill time in these luxurious surroundings.

Another quality space is the Curzon Theatre. This was one of the main entertainment venues, and we attended a really wonderful presentation of the life and work of Nat King Cole.  This was a well researched bio talk interspersed with clips of his music and television performances.

Other entertainment spaces included the casino (which I passed through on a couple of occasions-not really my kind of pass-time) and the Playhouse Cinema which featured several recent release films.

Food is a big part of any cruise holiday, and while we took most of our meals in the Alexandria Restaurant (Greek theme),  there was also the Medina Restaurant (Arabesque decor) with an open seating arrangement as opposed to Alexandria’s first and second seating style), and the Horizons Buffet which had something on offer for over 16 hours each day.

We soon had the rough bit of the Bay of Biscay behind us, and the weather warmed as we approached our port of call of La Coruna in Galicia, Spain.  Here comes the sun!