Floral Crescendo

Farm, Thatched Roofs, Cottage Garden

Spring advancing to summer

Blooms abound with colourful cheer

Gardens fill with delight

At the crescendo of the year

While winter is nice with its white pristine snow

This season is better with its spectacular floral show


Weekend Writing Prompt #212 – Crescendo in 37 words


Oulu, Finland, Winter, Snow, Ice, Trees

Where did it go?

It can’t be far

Has anyone seen a yellow car?

I know it was here

When I parked last night?

How can a few flakes

Obscure my sight?

I need to get to work

And that’s no joke

So I guess I give these piles a poke


Heading To Night

Paint Chip Poetry

In a cabin in the woods  –

As from Summer to Autumn time bends

The cotton blossom has all been picked –

Leaving but bare brown stems.

The family together  – safe secure

With trust in God and one another

The changing seasons brings no fear

And as the sun begins to set – heading to night,

As the night owl begins her evening flight

Our family hold each other warm and tight



Paint Chip Poetry #43: Prompt – To Night by Percy Bysshe Shelley.  “Our paint chip words and phrases are cabin in the woods, deviled eggscottonAquariusblossom, showtime, and night owl. The bonus angel card is trust . . . .  Use however many of these words and phrases you want. I don’t plan to use them all this week, just to mix things up a bit.”

Soon to Slumber

Elf, Elfika, Fantasy, Story, Magic, Tolkien

My days grow short

My magic, like the sunshine wanes

I have had my time in this forest realm

Of my greenery and flowers – few remain

I shall soon depart to my slumber

My sister, Autumn shall have her turn

And she in time too will rest

As my Cousin Winter my work will overturn

But young Sister Spring will in time wake

And begin our forest to renew

And I, Summer will paint the woods

With blossom, and scent for you


Chosen Season: An Eukaryotic Ekphrastic

Image credit: Unsplash, and the photographer is Wolfgang Hasselmann

Autumn’s chill fingers
Reach deeply within the earth
Summer’s green passing
Fungi raise their heads aloft
To greet their chosen season



“This challenge explores Ekphrastic writing inspired by visual art.”  I have used the Tanka form to explore the photo prompt.