No Admittance


Many people are aware of the United States Air Force’s ultra-secret Area 51 facility. What you might not know is the United Kingdom has its very own compound where sensitive technology, and it is rumoured alien devices might be found. Yes, of course I am talking about Area 5.1. What it lacks is high tech mystique, it more than makes up for in old world charm. Well, that’s what the website says any way.



Image result for secret document free image

Fingerprints taken, photos made –

In anticipation of the secrets – to you conveyed.

Sign the documents, your oath to keep –

Not to utter a word, not as much as a peep.

Knowledge is power –

And power is not to be shared –

The secrets you hold  –

To “need to know” only –

Ever shall be declared.

It is the state of things –

In the now and here –

It’s a lot of hassle –

About a recipe for beer.




Poetics: Shhhh! Do you Want to Know a Secret?