Far more insidious than any disease, and more malevolent than any dark coven, the chamber of lawyers viewed the arcane text of the local statute which would provide them with the loophole that would grant them ultimate power.


Foundations of Sand

Upon what do we now stand?

What are the structures that underpin our land?

Where are the foundations set in stone?

In the age of shifting sands and loam

A parable was given

A warning clear

But we in our arrogance

Refuse to hear

Let us hope that when the rains and floods do assail

That we still have enough root – that we can avail


Matthew 7:24-27


It wasn’t really that long ago, that vaguely remembered time that we call “before.” Before the pandemic, before Brexit; before – when we still had a queen. Where has that time gone? How have we arrived to this place we refer to a now, when the Pound is at an all time low, and politicians are rewarding millionaires for the accomplishment with tax cuts that are equivalent to the annual wages of two nurses. Don’t forget this is all in the name of “growth.” If this is growth, I would rather descend back to my “smaller” self, the one I was before.


A Time to Pretend

When cavemen rode dinos

And cars fit in a briefcase

Be it the streets of Bedrock

Or someplace in space

Childhood was simpler

Our imagination could run free

Without our dreams – being seen as reality

Let kids be kids

Don’t sexualise

Let them pretend

Give them time to realise

They will go soon enough

All on their own

They don’t need us

To tell them they’re all grown


Impaired Not Defeated

It might be an impairment you have had since your birth

But it’s not the sole factor in determining your contributions or worth

It can be that childhood injury after which things were never the same

Or arrive with the menopause bringing fog to the brain

It can stem from that fall while out walking the dog

Or damage to your lungs from breathing city smog

It might manifest in a blink of an eye

Or through wear and tear as the years creep by

But it is not the impairment that you does disable

But unadjusted conditions around you and the attitude of people that label


In An Alternative Dimension

The Johnny Depp case drags on. Has anyone else noticed that Amber has answered so many questions other than the ones actually asked, that even the court officers refer to her as “Misheard?”

It is the way it is

It can be no other way

It is the thing I remember

So nobody else can contrary say

The world is as I perceive it

The rest of you are wrong

So just surrender and do my way

And I’m sure we’ll get along