In An Alternative Dimension

The Johnny Depp case drags on. Has anyone else noticed that Amber has answered so many questions other than the ones actually asked, that even the court officers refer to her as “Misheard?”

It is the way it is

It can be no other way

It is the thing I remember

So nobody else can contrary say

The world is as I perceive it

The rest of you are wrong

So just surrender and do my way

And I’m sure we’ll get along


Give Us A King

Guided and protected by the power unseen

They still insisted on being given a king

To be like all others

Not set apart

Living by image and not by heart

Are we much different than those of old

Sadly I think not, if truth be told



I Samuel 8

Making a Stand

There are those that make a stand

For causes and for reasons they don’t understand

The hysteria of the moment

The movement that’s “in”

Everyone else seems to be doing it

And such reasons akin

Do they stop for a moment,

Consider the cause?

Or do they rush in,

No matter the flaws?

Let us pause to consider

The things we endorse

So sometime in the future

We won’t look back with remorse


A “Z” of Hope

Climate, Plan B, Climate Strike

When the Boomers refused to go to war

And live a culture counter

Did they know what was in store?

Each successive generation shirking tradition

To do their own thing

Look at where its landed us

And what it did bring

Greed and “Me” culture

Gratification instant –

Waiting they abhor

Perhaps the Gen Zs

With the planet they aim to save

May a new direction

For the rest of us now pave



Grammar, Abc, Dictionary, Words, Letters

I met a they the other day

They was labelled a “she” but wasn’t happy that way

“They was” isn’t correct, I hear you say

But if they is a singular – it must work that way

Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to use

Whatever pronoun that you choose

It’s the grammar only that makes me wince

As our language suffers growing pains

As new views and agendas we evince


State of Things

Social Distancing, Line, People

Price gouging

Raking it in

Vendors getting fat

While times are thin

Panic buying

Of things in supply

No one really knows

The reason why

We just have to have it

Must go with the flow

All those in the queues

Surely must be in the know