Sharp Against My Tongue

Japans, Food, Sushi


Fish fresh – rice tender

Wasabi – sharp against my tongue

Salty bite of soya – just a hint –

As lunch has just begun

No artificial flavours here

Each bite a treat unique

As the chef preforms his miracles

Taste sensation at its peak







Rice, Sushi, Japan, Seaweed, Japanese, Fish, Raw


A sushi buffet, I heard them say

Brightly presented upon the tray

Prawn, and salmon, and so much more

Tasty eating seemed in store

But then it became clear, it had been there all day

So I got me some melon, but from the fish – stayed away





Suffolk Sushi Search

When I was stationed in Japan in the early ’80s one of the first “cultural experiences” I had was to try sushi.  While this may sound mundane today, “back in the day” it was something many Europeans and Americans had never done.  Tekka Maki (tuna maki roll) is a rather “safe” first introduction to the vinegared rice family of dishes.  Sushi is the rice by the way not the fish.

I became a sushi fan.  I have my favourites (tekka maki remains one of them), and I am ever keen to experience new combinations.  Leaving Japan, however, made finding these culinary treats more difficult (at least in the ’80s and ’90s).

Then came the sushi revolution, when even supermarkets began to produce own brand “sushi” or at least pseudo-sushi.  But where to find “the real thing?”

In rural Suffolk there is the interesting existence three American military bases in a relatively tight geographic cluster.  This has brought about the stationing of large numbers of well travelled restaurant goers from among their ranks.  Many of these (like me) having been formerly stationed in Japan.  This fact has not been lost on enterprising restaurateurs, and they have obligingly opened sushi houses.

Sumo Sushi in Mildenhall is one of my favourites of these.  Over the years, I have always found the quality of the fish, and the preparation of the sushi very good.  Recent visits were no exception.  The California Roll was nicely made and had a clean fresh taste. The tuna maki had good firm red fleshed tuna, and the rice a nice texture. The service is always very attentive and the dining area comfortable but a little lacking in “wow” factor. The Sumo does have a loyalty purchase scheme and does take away as well.

Sumo Sushi


Nearby, and more convenient to RAF Mildenhall is Tokyo Oysy.  The service was fast, and the sushi was well prepared and presented.  Their salmon is especially tasty and my  experiences here have always been good.  The interior is still basic, though it has a quirky “feature wall” in which hand drawn animes decorate the dining area.  The Tokyo Oysy also serves Chinese takeaway, but this does not mean that take away (pun intended) from the good sushi they make.

imageedit_2_6402494367 (1)


Sakura in Lakenheath is a clean, well laid out restaurant.  It too serves both Japanese and Chinese dishes, and provides a takeaway menu.  The sushi is fresh and clean tasting, and the presentation (even with the takeaway) is good.  The quality of the soya sauce is good, with a sharp Japanese flavour.  The portion sizes are good, and while a bit expensive, the balance of quantity, quality, and price make for good value for money.  My only real complaint about the Sakura is they are slow.  This too, I guess, is a trade off:  quality preparation and presentation versus time.  I leave that call up to you.

imageedit_1_6967008087 (1).jpg

Sakura takeaway

Lakenheath also has Green Box Sushi, this is more a takeaway, but it has quality food, and very reasonable prices.

All in all, rural Suffolk has a lot to offer the sushi lover.  It is amazing what treasures can be found in unexpected places.



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