Medical, Bottle, Pharmacy, Health, Drug

Through obstacles and roadblocks,

Backtrackings and steep stairs

Facing disappointment and heartache

The feeling nobody cares

When disease and disorder

Seem to have won

Remember to still hope

And by thus – overcome

For hope is the tincture

Brewed to relieve

All of these troubles

If in it you believe

I don’t not know if this form has a proper name. It is however my default poetic form using cadence and rhyme to drive it. I don’t know if I ever matured beyond Dr Seuss, but there is something in it that speaks to the inner me.


Colleen’s last poetry challenge of 2020, is to write a poem about hope, using our favourite poetry form (and on this occasion, it doesn’t have to be syllabic). She asks that we make these poems inspirational to others.

She stipulates that we should avoid negativity and politics.

We are to also tell us why the specific form we chose is our favourite.

Night Dwellers

Halloween, Tree, Silhouette, Moon, Fog, Bats, Creepy

Night time 
The darkest realm
The nocturnal dwellers
Scarcely aware of the coming

A place by night dwellers eschewed
They prepare for their sleep
In the dawn hour’s

Night time
The darkest realm
The nocturnal dwellers
Unaware of the coming sun
Spread wings

Is the bright times of the daylight
For they in darkness rest
At the sunrise
They sleep


Colleen’s syllabic challenge this week is to write using a poem by Sue Vincent as our theme.  I have chosen the line: “sun rises unseen” as my prompt.  I have used a mirrored mirrored cinquain (if that is a thing) as my form.

Illusion of Power

London, England, Great Britain, Downing, Street

Colleen’s challenge this week is to write o syllabic poem on the theme of the illusion of power.   I have attached a photo of Downing Street, but the White House, or any number of other political and economic locations would done as well.

Illusion of having complete control
People bow and do whate’er you say
Might making right in your own view
No concern for ethics’ ways
Your conceit and power
Going hand in hand
Till the piper
In the end
You must


Majestic Pair


Majestic pair white
Gliding upon mirrored lake
Autumn’s home to build


Colleen has set the following challenge this week:

“You can choose the Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt provided by Trent McDonald, or you can choose the #SynonymsOnly challenge using the words “MOVE & MAKE” provided by David Ellis. OR… You can do both! It’s up to you.”

I have chosen to go with a haiku based on the photo, and I have used gliding for move, and build for make.