USS Rattler

Heading upriver weren’t go’in to be easy.  The Rebs had put batteries on several of the bluffs, and Rattler didn’t have the thickest of armour.  But orders was orders, and she and Glide would run past the Confederate guns at Fort Hindman in the morning.

The next day,  Rattler and Glide steamed past the fort with all twelve of their guns blazing.  The two stern-wheelers made it rather “hot” for the Secesh, many of them fled their posts as the 24 pound shells burst around them.   With the rifle pits abandoned, Ol’ Bill Sherman and his boys kinda just strolled up into the fort.

Who said that the Navy don’t belong in Arkansas?



Inspired by the prompt:  UPRIVER ~ PIC AND A WORD CHALLENGE #177