Sunset, Dawn, Nature, Mountains

It is not the mere absence of strife and pain

Nor just the quiet to releave one’s brain

Peace is a state of heart and mind

In which the soul bliss can find

It is found in the breeze on a summer’s day

It is the laughter of kids at play

It is that by which your hopes are restored

And in the knowledge of the love of the Lord


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Peace

Love One Another

People, Earth, Map, Boy, Cooperation

There are the haves and some have yachts

Often overlooking those that have not

Some have privilege – being born that way

Others most struggle to make their way

While all are in the image of their creator

Things like gender can be a negator

The UN says in rights and dignity

We are meant to be one

But for many the recognition has yet to be won

So look beyond the book and its cover

And let us just strive to love one another


Today’s prompt: Write a poem on justice and equality.


Blizzard, Snow Flurry, Snowflakes


Jayden stood at the living room window and watched the falling snow. It was steady with large fluffy flakes that seemed to settle quickly into a thick blanket. There was already over eight inches on the ground, an accumulation virtually unknown in his region. His boss had phoned about a half an hour before to say that they would be closing the workshop today. Closed, Jayden mused. It had been the first time since his divorce that he had had a weekday off. Since the divorce, flashed through his head. He pondered the circumstances of of it. She had said he was a workaholic and never had time for her anymore. Was she right? Why am I feeling so wound up by a few flakes of snow? I just want to get to work. Is that too much to ask? Jayden checked himself, and took a deep breath, How could such a tranquil scene as falling snow bring on such a blizzard of thoughts?


Tuesday Writing Prompt 

A Year To Leave Behind

snow covered road between buildings during night time

Josh Hild at Unsplash

It was a fitting end of the year. As if 2020 didn’t have enough turmoil, New Year’s Eve stuck true to form for the year. Ken had left work at Seven along with his manager, Sally who had just driven off, when he discovered the double whammy of having left his phone in his employee locker, and his car battery flat. To make matters worse, snow had begun to fall and the temperature was dipping to minus three. There was no one else about in the car park so he decided to trudge towards home in hope of flagging someone to make a call to the breakdown service for him. Though he caught the eye of a few drivers, they seemed disinclined to stop much less lower their windows to a stranger in the age of Covid. Ninety minutes later Ken finally arrived home to find his girlfriend frantic with worry at his late arrival. He calmed her and explained the circumstances of his delay. Then taking a very chilled bottle of Prosecco from his bag, he filled two glasses and toasted the end of 2020 and beginning of anything else.


Today’s prompt—Use “the end and beginning” in any form of writing

Warm Winter Refuge

Cabin, Woods, Fall, Historic, Nature, Forest, Landscape

Ali chopped a bit of salt pork and tossed it into the bubbling pot of black eyes. It would be a meagre dish but warming all the same, just as their little cabin at the edge of the forest was. As cold winter rain pelted the cedar shingles of the roof, she took a glance at the old coach clock on the mantlepiece and wondered when Jess and the boys would return. They really shouldn’t be out in weather like this, but the chores still needed doing. Just as she as pondering this, the door opened and Junior and Cole stomped mud off of their boots on the porch before entering. Jess wasn’t far behind, and soon the entire family were safe in their warm winter refuge.


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Write a piece of prose or poetry that uses the words black eyes and cold winter rain.