Lantern Jacks

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

The eerie glow could be seen from the path, but none dared in the dark of night to investigate. The wood had long been said to hold terrifying secrets.

It was by the light of day that William and Connor decided to leave the trail to see what the source of the night before’s glow had been.

“It’s just pumpkins,” Connor said with a tone of disappointment.

“Well someone or something had to have brought them here,” William said giving the “something” a sinister tone. “We all know that nobody would dare come into these woods to light them even if they put them here in the daytime.”

Connor’s eyes showed he had been spooked. His older brother took delight in the success of his prank.



Her dress was timeless

Not too much revealed

Leading the imagination to wonder

What the yellow silk concealed

It was a question – the answer – no man knew

For she had standards

To which she was true

She too was timeless

Not subject to fashion or whim

She reserved that secret for that “special him”

Padre :“yellow”, “concealed”, and “timeless

Truly Heroic

A long roll split, filled with cold-cuts and cheese

What do you call it, if you have one of these

For some it’s a hoagie, to another – a sub

But these terms in the Big Apple – folks tend to snub

For this dining delight there is a hero

All other names rank as a zero

So bring on the ham, pastrami, and Swiss cheese

And stack it all up as thick as you please


There Will Be Blood

Rory had an infantile fascination with the whole ghoul scene. There wasn’t a Zombie movie he hadn’t seen at least once, and many of them several times. He could recite the dialogue from Zombieland verbatim, and there weren’t many werewolf or slasher films that he’d missed either.

After finishing school, he thought since gore didn’t bother him, it would be a great career move to become a paramedic, and therefore enrolled at the nearby college to begin his training. The only problem was that on his first case of giving actual first aid, he passed out at the smell and texture of the blood. So much for the movies.