Lily Pond

From a Japanese bridge – I gazed upon

Floating lilies on a tranquil pond

Elaborate gardens and tree-lined ways

Exquisite visions on a summer day

My camera captured the marvellous sight

But I lacked the skill of the painter of Starry Night

And so my photos of Giverny

Are but baby steps in an artistic journey


There Will Be Blood

Rory had an infantile fascination with the whole ghoul scene. There wasn’t a Zombie movie he hadn’t seen at least once, and many of them several times. He could recite the dialogue from Zombieland verbatim, and there weren’t many werewolf or slasher films that he’d missed either.

After finishing school, he thought since gore didn’t bother him, it would be a great career move to become a paramedic, and therefore enrolled at the nearby college to begin his training. The only problem was that on his first case of giving actual first aid, he passed out at the smell and texture of the blood. So much for the movies.


Making a Stand

There are those that make a stand

For causes and for reasons they don’t understand

The hysteria of the moment

The movement that’s “in”

Everyone else seems to be doing it

And such reasons akin

Do they stop for a moment,

Consider the cause?

Or do they rush in,

No matter the flaws?

Let us pause to consider

The things we endorse

So sometime in the future

We won’t look back with remorse



Kitten, White, Cat, Cute, Domestic

No, not again – how could you return?

I thought all those bridges I did burn

I sent you to some folks far away

And they said they were glad to have you stay

My eyes are watering

I have to sneeze

Can you just go back and remain there, please?

Okay I admit

You’re kind of cute

It is a fact I can’t dispute

But you are not suppose to be back here

This is not your place – didn’t I make that clear

I have three goldfish now – don’t you go near

Please don’t look at me – in that way

(Achoo) – I guess I’m going to let to stay


Today’s prompt: Begin with the line “No, not again”

New Year

Drape, Single, Mouthpiece, Protection

My wish for the new year

Is the happiness of those I hold near and dear

Times of late have brought spirits low

With lock downs and no place to go

Prices rose, and yet politicians scoffed

While maskless “heroes” hacked and coughed

So at this juncture of a new year

I pray we can leave behind our recent fears


Today’s prompt: Begin a poem with the line

My wish for the new year…