Mixer Tap, Tap, Water, Faucet, Kitchen

Although at times you annoyingly drip

I count on you so I can have a sip

Without you meals would not be the same

And the dishes would stack up and block the drain

Though a small fixture you punch above your weight

But please stop dripping, I can’t concentrate


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Write about an inanimate object in your home that you can’t do without, but don’t name it

Heroes United

It was a typical night in the metropolis. People went about their business, often unaware of the dangers that lurked just out of their view. But help was always at hand as the Heroes United patrolled the mean streets. Well on most nights anyway, the citizens had the protective oversight of the Heroes. Tonight, however, the duty roster took an unfortunate turn as Afraid of Heights Man and Scared of the Dark Girl clung to each other in terror on a rooftop and prayed for morning.


Tuesday Writing Prompt

Love One Another

People, Earth, Map, Boy, Cooperation

There are the haves and some have yachts

Often overlooking those that have not

Some have privilege – being born that way

Others most struggle to make their way

While all are in the image of their creator

Things like gender can be a negator

The UN says in rights and dignity

We are meant to be one

But for many the recognition has yet to be won

So look beyond the book and its cover

And let us just strive to love one another


Today’s prompt: Write a poem on justice and equality.