She was no slayer. A collector was she.

A collector of things macabre:

Vampire’s teeth and werebeast’s hair

Mummy wraps and ornate castle doorknobs

A witch’s pointy hat or two

And a ruby slipper shoe

What else is there to pass the time

For the little sister of a slayer to do?


It’s Not Antipathy

Vampire, Halloween, Ruined Castle, Raven

Image by ariadne-a-mazed from Pixabay

It’s not antipathy

I have no hate

It’s just they’re creepy

In their undead state

No, vampires and I will never be pals

As their hunger I’m unwilling to sate




Weekend Writing Prompt #117 – Antipathy


FOWC with Fandango — Creepy

Wismar, Germany: Old World Charm, with a Gothic secret

We were on a cruise on the Cruise and Maritime Voyages ship Marco Polo when it stopped at the port of its construction, Wismar.  This German city has a lot of old world charm, and the central district is much as it was at the turn of the previous century.  The buildings of the market square are of a wonderful north European style and face a beautiful water works and fountain, the Wasserkunst (circa 1602).

The brightly coloured buildings really add to the experience, and their gabled construction has a special character.

There is ample modern shopping as well as cafes, and specialty shops all in close proximity.  We spent some time in one of the dessert venues for some great strudel and walnut ice cream.

The St. George’s Church and port areas provide other great opportunities to explore. The church is a reconstruction of the Medieval original which was destroyed by Allied bombing in World War Two.

There is also the Marienkirche which was used as a backdrop and filming location for the 1922 vampire film Nosferatu.  In fact much of the film is set in the fictional town of Wisborg, which is a weak attempt of disguise the name Wismar.  Many of the venues used in this Gothic classic can still be found, and I had fun doing so.


Nosferatu 1922

This silent classic is a must watch as a prototype horror film, and the experience of viewing it will enhance a visit to Wismar, and vice versa.

Wismar is off the beaten track for many travelers, but is well worth making the adjustments to travel plans to see.