Never Fall

Storm, Damage, Hurricane, Wind, Disaster

In England it’s called Autumn, and never referred to as Fall

Today, I watched as leaves blew sideways and upwards, none went downwards at all

The rain it comes in cold hard bullets, and makes puddles to chill our feet

And they tell us now that this evening, we will be able to enjoy some sleet



Climate Change, Drought, Climate, Dry



By clouds beset

Dark skies

Puddles in the making

Where are such English summer days

With these strange sunny days

And long spells of baking?

Are you sure this is Blighty old

Or am I somehow mistaking?


Reflections on the English weather of late.

32 C

Blazing, Face, Shining, Sun, Symbol, Sun

Ek het ys nodig

Send ice quickly please

This sunny stuff is strange to me

I think at the moment

I’d rather freeze

Sun is shining, the sky is clear

My garden’s scorching

To death I fear

And I’m hid away beneath my fan

And hope for the arrival

Of the ice cream van


Here Comes?

CCC #136

Is this George H’s coming of the sun?

Or is it the sign the rains have just begun

Coming or going – who is to say?

I guess we will need to wait and watch the sky today

2021 has been odd in East Anglia weeks of drought-like conditions followed by day after day of rain. We then had another dry spell with thunderstorms predicted for tonight and daily rain for the next week.



water droplets on glass window

Andrew Neel at Unsplash

Sodden Day
Soggy sidewalks
Inclement weather
Way to wet to go play
Stay inside and view the storm
And wish that sunshine was the norm
Tomorrow’s an uncertain forecast
Hopefully the showers and clouds will pass


British Delays – Its More than Just Brexit

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

The Summer of 2019 was marked by record breaking temperatures across the United Kingdom.  As the mercury climbed into the 80s and edged towards 90 in old money, huge queues formed at the public pools and swimming baths across the nation.  There were even incidents where crowds fed up with the heat and the lines rushed the gates of the aquatic sanctuaries.  The good news is, that as of today, the twenty-sixth of September, those at the end of the queue were able to make their final approach to the turnstile.  Better late than never, so they say.

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