Man, Boy, Male, Read, Reading, Newspaper

They called it a newspaper, and I am sure that was half right.  The local tabloid contained an inordinate amount of advertising, and announcements of upcoming events of various nearby organisations, but to call what it featured “news” was greatly exaggerated.   Oh, there was that one case, however, when they did report that the Miller’s henhouse was raided by a fox.  I guess that could qualify as news.


Weekend Writing Prompt #225 – Newspaper in 68 words

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gold and silver trophy on brown wooden shelf

Nikola Đuza at Unsplash

It’s not used – it’s pre-loved

The wear and tear signs of affection

So, consider them not when considering the cost

When giving it your pre-purchase inspection

It really is one of a kind

And one with promise of re-use

It’s not one to just throw away

For to do so there’s no excuse

Go on and buy it – you know you want to

It will be surely love by you too


Weekend Writing Prompt #223 – Pre-loved in 71 words


Knights, Warriors, Axe, Sword, Armor

Jan and Oskar entered the chamber and found the room empty except for a large chest in the centre of the space.  It had an eerie glow to it, but there was no indication that it was enchanted as Jan’s talisman did not glow in response to the chest’s sheen.

“Is this the one we are looking for?” Oskar asked.

“There is only one way to find out,” Jan replied.

“I hate this part,” Oskar said making a disapproving face.

“You only say that because it’s your turn.”

“Are you sure it’s mine?”



Weekend Writing Prompt #222 – Glow in 94 Words

Butterfly Visit

Peacock Butterfly, Butterfly, Leaves

Gracefully, you float in the sunlight’s beam

Vivid hues of brightness against the garden’s green

How is it that you ride on air?

And land so lightly, as if not even there?

You visit briefly amid your to and through

Our encounters all too brief before you must needs go

But even in brevity they mean all to me

And make me long for you again to see

I anxious await for some future day

When you from your labours and travels

Oh my Butterfly, will return to stay


Weekend Writing Prompt #219 – Vivid in 89 words

Demanding Change

City Hall, Building, Hall, Los Angeles

The petition had received the requisite number of signatures, and it was now on the agenda for the next Council meeting.   It had been a long road, but the movement’s supporters were sure that this time the political wanna-bees of the town would start to understand that they were not the all-knowing sovereign power they thought they were.  Yes, this was going to be true democracy at work.  The people demanded change, and the Council better give it to them.  After all, who waits until Friday for bin collection anyway?  The weekend rubbish just has to go sooner!


Weekend Writing Prompt #217 – Requisite in 98 words


Enclosed, Wound, Tether, Free

Life today seems transitory,

As we move on from place to place.

Gone is the time of a job for life;

And old landmarks are removed to make real estate space.

Friendships are measured by numbers on screens

Not by a smile face to face.

Relationships are disposable,

As for greener pastures we race.


No more than a “down-time” space.

As all blurs by us, on to what do we hold?

What is it that tethers us in place?


Weekend Writing Prompt #216 – Tether in 80 words