Two Sugars

His attitude was generally flippant, often making light of serious or stressful situations.  For example, there was the job interview in which he was asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” His response was, “Sitting where you are now while you bring me coffee with two sugars.”

Five years on, there he sat as the former interviewer asked if he would like some cookies with his coffee.  Sometimes humour pays off.


Sheep Before The Shearer

No public outcry was heard.   It was not that the new policy was not without its flaws.  In fact, it was quite unfair.  It was just that the policies and official statements had been so demoralising and so regular, that the people had just learned to shrug them off and resign themselves to the fact that the government was going to do whatever it wanted.




Be it dictionary or lexicon

What English words mean

Depend on which side

Of the pond you’re on

American “quite” means “very”

While British “quite” falls short of “verily”

If that word’s meaning tends to vary

Check out “now,” but be wary

An American “now” means at this instant

While South African “now” might be a time quite distant

And there’s that word “quite” used again

So, I used the British meaning as to not offend

This English tongue can drive you round the bend



“This shop is so creepy,” Tim said.

“You’re just saying that to get out of shopping with me,” Jessica replied accusingly.

“No.  It’s the mannequins.  Why do they go so far as putting nipples on them, but no faces?  There’s something unnatural about it,” he explained.

“Hmm,” his wife said indignantly.  “I’ll tell you what is unnatural.  It’s unnatural that you’re obsessed with plastic statues’ breasts.”

It was then that he realised that those plastic bits were the last he’d be seeing for a while.