The Shop

Destiny calls as you enter

The narrow aisles as cramped as can be

The musty scented scene of bibiliopolery

Might this be the hiding place of that volume rare?

The end of your search, as discovery awaits you there


Maiden Voyage

With confident demeaner he took the helm

Without concern that he ventured into Poseidon’s aquatic kingdom,

The thalassic realm

Little did he know, that for his trespass he would have to pay

More than he’d bargained for on the fateful day

If he had known in port he’d have stayed.



I walked into the only café that seemed to be open on the strip.  The place was a little over the top considering the seedy neighbourhood.  Why might a harbour district coffee shop need marble tabletops and a crystal chandelier?  The menu too was out of place with Eggs Benedict and French croissants on offer. All in all, it was a bit disappointing as all I wanted was a cup of coffee and a ring doughnut to dunk.


Bygone Ways


Superimposed, overlapped and thus displayed

It was the way old-fashioned cartoons were made

Before things were digital – using just the click of a mouse

They made drawings and overlays often in house

Disney, Warner Bros, and Hanna-Barbera too

That was real artistry – skilled and true

But today the quick and easy is all we can do


Touching Base


We had hoped to meet up for lunch, but with work schedules and such not, that didn’t really work.  Dinner was equally problematic as we both had families.   After dinner we would have kids to tuck in, and then it wasn’t viable to go out afterwards.   So here we sat at seven in the morning on the rail platform touching base and slurping a Starbuck’s before going our separate ways.  So much for “best friends forever.”  What can I say? Life happens.