It was a rather simple enterprise, actually.  Bjorn having barely survived his last adventure, concluded that there had to be a better way of making a living than traipsing through dungeons.  He then had the brilliant idea of setting up adventures for others.  He went to the last site and carefully mapped it.  He then sold the quest map to others.  How could it be his fault that someone had robbed it already?



Danny from his treetop perch

scanned the landscape far below.

“I think it’s gone,” he announced.

“Now’s our chance to go.”

“Are you sure it’s safe?” Tommy asked.

“I didn’t see it leave.”

“No, a bear’s too big for me the miss,”

Dan replied with confident ease.

The pair descended from their sanctuary high

to the patient bear hiding behind a bush nearby.



Henry tossed and turned.  For the life of him, he could not settle.  It wasn’t that there were urgent issues on his mind, nor was he overly stressed.  It was purely that he could not get to sleep, despite being tired.

It was then that the first inklings of stress began to creep it.  How, I going to function at work tomorrow if I don’t get some rest?  

He rolled over again and glanced at the clock on the bedside table.  Nine-o’-five.  That’s like midnight, he thought.  Well, the middle of the night, anyway.


I often assert to my wife that 9pm is “midnight,” especially for those that have to wake up for work while it’s still dark.


To speak too much, to ramble on and on

To run one’s mouth from dawn to dawn

Such constant babble may get on your nerves

For words for words’ sake no good can serve

I find myself when at school

Trying to quiet classes without being cruel

“Please arrest the superfluous verbosity” I will say

But they will chatter anyway

I again to them will turn

“Stop, curtail the loquaciousness, so we can learn.”

Maybe it’s best to let them speak

Surely, they’ll be quiet when they sleep