Megalith: A Haibun

copyright: Padre’s Ramblings

“What are those Grandpa?” Andrew asked pointing.

“Those are called the Giant’s Playthings, Sweetie.  It’s said that long ago, a bored giant stacked them there while he was waiting for his wife and daughters to finish applying their make-up.”

Megalithic stones

Some giant’s distraction to

Pass away the day?


Weekend Writing Prompt #175 – Megalith


Lectern, Politician, Policy, Speakers

Aware of one’s surroundings

Capable to emote and feel

The things that make us sentient

To be aware of what is real


But there are some among us

Elevated to political heights

That have no conception

That might isn’t always right


For sentient they are in name

But that’s far from the true deal

For they are cognisant only

Of  what opinion polls reveal


For those of us others

Who dream – and hope –  and feel

Beware the politicians when

Your very soul they seek to steal




Weekend Writing Prompt #173 – Sentient in 86 words

New Beginning

British Flag, Flag, British, Uk, Britain


A new beginning, and the British stiff upper lip thing was the order of the day.  After all they had come through the Blitz, the loss of empire, and mass social change brought on by immigration.  There had been labour unrest in the 70s and early 80s.  There had even been a world-wide pandemic.  After all that how much impact could a little thing like Brexit have?


Weekend Writing Prompt #171 – Impact in 67 words

Pre-Covid Reflections

Train, Crowd, Transportation, Passenger, Travel


Remember back in the good old days –

When you were jostled in the station –

As you made your way?

Then no place to ever sit on the train –

You waited in the aisle trying to refrain –

From homicidal thoughts or inflicting pain




Weekend Writing Prompt #170 – Jostle in 42 words


A note to readers – I don’t actually suffer from road rage or “railroad” rage.  In fact, my daughters tease me for me calmly saying to other drivers such things as “Please don’t,” when being tailgated or cut-up (American cut-off).





The Misanthrope

Villa, Chateau, Residence, Manor House, Country House



“You need to be gett’n off my property,” Roger Lowell shouted at the men on his porch.

“Mr. Lowell, we’re with the Police, and need a brief word with you.  May we come in?”

“Do it right there, or not at all,” Lowell replied.

“Yes Sir, we can do it that way,” Officer Brown assured him.

“What’s this ’bout?  I bet it’s that damn pith-helmeted scoundrel.  Coming up here pound’n on my door like a fury.”

“Yes, it’s about the postman.  He says you’re bit of a misanthrope.”

“I ain’t no misan-anything.  Don’t care for people much – is all.”




Weekend Writing Prompt #169 – Misanthrope in 99 words







Beyond Bear Bend

brown horse on brown field during daytime

Photo by Nick Dunlap on Unsplash


“Where we off to?” Ripper Pike asked.

“We?” Tom Dale queried.

“I own half stake ‘n that mule you have there, so as I see it – where Molly goes – I go.”

“Then – we – are going up country,  past Bear Bend,” Dale replied.

Several prospectors had gone into that hinterland before, and none had ever returned.  Rumors abounded of strange beasts and savage natives.

“You know – Dale – I was consider’n retir’n.  How ’bout you buy’n me out?  ‘N,  I hope you an ‘ol Molly have a great trip.”




Weekend Writing Prompt #166 – Hinterland in 87 words