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Little mementos of journeys past –

A pottery jug, or piece of etched glass –

They can lift up spirits,

As each little piece is just a part –

Of life’s moments – dear to your heart

In keepsake cupboard, on mantle piece, or shelf

The collection’s a reflection of parts of yourself



Weekend Writing Prompt #151 – Keepsake in 49 words








Roof, Sleep, Sleepwalkers, Figure, Tile

The COVID-19 pandemic is a worldwide crisis.  Ireland, Denmark, and other European states have closed schools and banned public gatherings.  Italy is in lock-down, and even Donald Trump has taken action.  But here in the UK, the government policy is to seek “herd immunity” by allowing the virus to spread.

Like a sleepwalker, or ostrich in the sand

Boris “follows the science,” no one understands

While his peers international – their people protect

The PM hopes to his infect




Weekend Writing Prompt #148 – Somnambulist in 78 words







Woman, Portrait, Glamour, Rich, Luxury


Emma was perplexed.  Just yesterday she was at the height of popularity, surrounded by “friends” and sycophants.  And why shouldn’t it have been so – in fact – be so?  She was classically beautiful, with a figure to die for.  She had an impeccable dress sense, and Daddy’s money – abundant money – made it so she could always demonstrate it.  She was the belle of every ball, and her dance card was always filled.  She was, in short, perfect – beyond perfect.  So what did this new girl, Princess Helen have that she didn’t?



Weekend Writing Prompt #147 – Perplex in 90 words


Girl, Portrait, Model Feelings, Passion, Erotica, Eyes


Carl had been deployed to an active theatre of conflict, and owing to operational security concerns his exact whereabouts, and the timings of his movements were withheld even from his closest relations.  But now after three months, he was safely home.

His younger sister, Denise was so excited by news of his return that she ran out to get a bottle of champagne to surprise him with.

As she let herself into his apartment, she was greeted by her negligee-clad sister-in-law.  “Denise, sweetie, I love you to death, but your timing is abysmal.”


Weekend Writing Prompt #145 – Abysmal in 93 words


Visage Captured

Antonio Canova, Paolina Borghese as Venus Victorious, 1804-08, white marble, 160 x 192 cm (Galleria Borghese, Rome)

The model lounged upon the pillowed couch. Her pose was natural, and yet alluring.  Her focused gaze drew any observer to either follow her stare, or to latch onto her fine feminine visage.  She truly had the face of an angel.

Marble –
Chisel Cut.
Fashioned Lines and Curves.
Sculptor Crafts a Masterpiece,
Bringing Awe In Adoring Fans –
Witnesses To Talent Unsurpassed.
An Angelic Face Captured For All Time.

Weekend Writing Prompt #144 – Sculpture in 71 words


Picture Perfect

Mabry Mill_compress14

Phillip Wyant 2020 Mabry Mill

Henry stood beside the mill pond and pondered looking-glass reflections.  This was utter and absolute tranquility.  The deep red hues of early autumn leaves lit the still water with their radiance.  A kaleidoscope of colour suddenly formed as the reds and greens were mixed by the leap of a fish.  As the waters settled, Henry froze at the reflection of the knife-man behind him.




Weekend Writing Prompt #142 – Looking-glass in 64 words