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It was with dissatisfaction

That the losing faction

Started packing up their things to go

Their discontent became a rage

That to the whole world they did show

Calmer minds and tempers now

Let us hope are in control


Weekend Writing Prompt #193 – Faction in 39 words

The Cupcake Raid

Bun, Burning, Bake, Cake, Cookie, Baked
utroja0 at Pixabay

A single cupcake left on the tray

As the children are told to “go and play”

Little Andy – for it does reach

A clear violation of “just on each”

The tenacious chap has a plan

To swoop it up blaming it on Gran

Caught in the act he is sent on his way

Glancing back longingly at the tray

Should he now just relent?

That’s not the way his next hour was spent


Weekend Writing Prompt #192 – Tenacious in 73 words


Public Domain

Eight score years ago

Capital dome – like the nation incomplete

Lincoln stood upon the stairs

Reconciliation he did seek

“The bonds of affection,” he said, were suffering strain

But that those bonds of friendship should yet remain

Four years later

The dome now complete

He called for there to be no malice

To rebuild – no conflict to repeat

Today we see that white doomed bastion

Of liberty in receipt

Of scenes of bitter hatred

Enough to make one weep

These are times of testing

A crucible of pain

Let us heed old Abraham’s words

So peace and democracy – can remain


Weekend Writing Prompt #191 – Crucible in 100 words

Winter Woes

Neanderthal, Stone Age, Caveman, Museum, Figure
sgrunden at Pixabay

Unn awoke and scratched at his beard.  It was cold, and the embers of the fire near the cavemouth were barely glowing.  He added some dry moss and attempted to blow them back into life, but his efforts were futile.  He dreaded the thought of having to trudge through the snow to his brother’s dwelling to ask for fire yet again. But need prompted him to go see Urn anyway.  Unn and clan’s three women that lived with Urn, watched in admiration as Urn struck stones together and sparks emerged. Urn was one bright troglodyte.


Weekend Writing Prompt #189 – Troglodyte in 95 words

Niggling Remark

Rendiansyah at Unsplash

“Your mum and I are really proud of you.”  The statement kind of washed over him when it was said.  He had received several congratulations since being chosen captain, but now it was starting to niggle at him.  “Your mum and I are really proud of you,” he had said.  A simple complement, a life-affirming moment perhaps.  But it now seemed strange coming from the postman.


Weekend Writing Prompt #187 – Niggle in 66 words


Woman, Shopping, Happy, Bags, Dresses

It’s the paradox of finance:

You need debt to gain credit

Yet to save is the advice –

And owing too much money

Can be seen as a vice.

If you spend freely you’re a spendthrift –

A miser if you save

Because the economy needs you

That’s what they say.

Economics – it seems a subject quite deep

Yet you seem an airhead or shallow

If conspicuous shopping

Is all that you seek


Weekend Writing Prompt #184 – Paradox in 71 words

Saturday Mix –  Our words this week are: save and spend / shallow and deep