King, Monarch, Crown, Real, Monarchy

“How dare you?  I cannot believe your temerity!” the Viceroy bellowed.

“Temerity?  It is just the self-assurance that I am right,” Felix retorted.

“Right?  I am the one that determines what is right.  How dare you question my decision.”

“I have not only questioned it, but proven it based on a faulty premise,” Felix said confidently.

It was with that self-same confidence that he went to the headsman’s block.


Weekend Writing Prompt #243 – Temerity in 69 words

The Alliance

Soldier, Old, War, Honor, Victory

No-nonsense General Dee looked up from his papers at the spectacle of the pavonine Generalissimo Muwati’s arrival.  Dee ran a calloused hand over his crew-cut before wiping it on well-worn fatigues.  His counterpart stopped and clicked the heels of his knee-length patent leather boots, which caused his eleven rows of decorations to rattle beneath his silk-lined cape.  Muwati removed his ostrich-plumed headdress and saluted.  Dee shook his new allies’ hand and wondered what the politicians had got him into this time.

Padre in 81 words


Nothing to Declare.jpg

Bella poised to stop the smuggles

Of untaxed goods and stuff that troubles

At her post things she did inspect

And oft found things where you wouldn’t expect

Arms secreted – in false legs

Drugs in shells – disguised as eggs

But one thing she could not shirk

Was all that constant paperwork

Which should not be a great surprise

For she was employed by Customs and Excise

Padre in 66 words


Divination, Candles, Tarot, Psychic

“What?  Visitors at this hour?  This will never do?” Henrietta said looking through the lace curtains at the car in her drive.

A couple of young men wearing dark suits with nametags stepped from the vehicle.  The passenger reached into the car to retrieve a book and some papers.

The pair rang the bell and waited with angelic, smiling faces.

“Maybe, this will be more pleasant than I thought,” she said licking her lips and winking at her familiar.


Familiar in 79 words


Moraine Lake, Mountains, Lake

The crystal lake provided a looking-glass into the surrounding countryside.  Grand mountains framed the heavens, and the green of the pine forest contrasted with the snow-capped peaks.  Harold knelt to drink from the mirror waters and watched the ripples he caused dissipate and the image of a majestic eagle once again come into focus.

His own image was not so comforting, however.  The broken nose, and blackened left eye were testimony to the trials of the night before. 

The warrior had fought in many battles, but he was still unprepared for that barmaid’s right hook.


Weekend Writing Prompt #235 – Mirror in 95 words


Lost eagles of Roman army « IMPERIUM ROMANUM

Empires rise and fall

Some leave great legacies

Others not much at all

The Romans brought straight roads

An alphabet and laws

While the British exported cricket

And oblong-shaped balls

The English tongue too they spread round

Though dialects many – now abound

Lift or elevator?

Barbeque or braai?

By a common tongue divided

I don’t know why

Empires now are so passe

Maybe we should just keep it that way


Empire in 70 words