Butterfly Visit

Peacock Butterfly, Butterfly, Leaves

Gracefully, you float in the sunlight’s beam

Vivid hues of brightness against the garden’s green

How is it that you ride on air?

And land so lightly, as if not even there?

You visit briefly amid your to and through

Our encounters all too brief before you must needs go

But even in brevity they mean all to me

And make me long for you again to see

I anxious await for some future day

When you from your labours and travels

Oh my Butterfly, will return to stay


Weekend Writing Prompt #219 – Vivid in 89 words


Camera, Film Camera, Film, Photography

Tiles aligned in pattern sequenced

Like justified words upon a page

Moroccan designs of tessellation

To the encounter’s backdrop the perfect stage

And so, the minister strode – upon a mission of state

To be confronted by the awaiting press

A statement he was called – to the nation to make

He spouted party line

His words too did tessellate


Weekend Writing Prompt #218 – Tessellate in 58 words

Demanding Change

City Hall, Building, Hall, Los Angeles

The petition had received the requisite number of signatures, and it was now on the agenda for the next Council meeting.   It had been a long road, but the movement’s supporters were sure that this time the political wanna-bees of the town would start to understand that they were not the all-knowing sovereign power they thought they were.  Yes, this was going to be true democracy at work.  The people demanded change, and the Council better give it to them.  After all, who waits until Friday for bin collection anyway?  The weekend rubbish just has to go sooner!


Weekend Writing Prompt #217 – Requisite in 98 words


Enclosed, Wound, Tether, Free

Life today seems transitory,

As we move on from place to place.

Gone is the time of a job for life;

And old landmarks are removed to make real estate space.

Friendships are measured by numbers on screens

Not by a smile face to face.

Relationships are disposable,

As for greener pastures we race.


No more than a “down-time” space.

As all blurs by us, on to what do we hold?

What is it that tethers us in place?


Weekend Writing Prompt #216 – Tether in 80 words

An Unknown Life

Paper, Font, Old, Antique, Write

He was the most prolific writer of his day, if not of all time.  His work spans across the genres – from poetry, to science, history, and fiction.  His knowledge of geography and mythology was encyclopaedic.  He could write straight forward prose or turn a comedic phrase.  Despite this, details of his life are virtually unknown.  I am speaking of course of the famous author, Anonymous.


Weekend Writing Prompt: Unknown in 65 words

A Rose is a Rose

Green Irish Rose | Green rose, Irish rose, Beautiful rose flowers

Daniels thought it was hard to believe it was even the same galaxy as Earth.  The laws of physics were intact, that was a relief, but nothing else on Senian Four seemed to make sense.  Okay, the main elements on the planet were still oxygen and silicon, but copper rather than iron and aluminium seemed to be metallic substance, giving the soil a strange greenish blue colour; and if that wasn’t odd enough, the vegetation was primarily red.  She stared quizzically at an inversed rose with its red foliage and green blooms.


Weekend Writing Prompt #213 – Galaxy in 92 words

“By Any Other Name”

The military are masters of nomenclature.  You do have to understand their unique world-view, however.  Back in the ‘80s, our canned rations were replaced by MREs.  In typical straight forward military-speak that was the acronym for “Meal Ready to Eat.”  It was an accurate description I guess if what you mean by “ready to eat” is that it still requires the rehydration of various freeze-dried components such as shredded potato breakfast patties, also known as Styrofoam.


Weekend Writing Prompt #211 – Nomenclature in 76 words