Canaries Cruise (Part 5): Tenerife

Teneriffe 4

Santa Cruz

After a wonderful day in Gran Canaria, we arrived in Tenerife with great expectations. What we found was poor communications, greed, and quite bluntly disappointment. The information bulletin from the Columbus made no mention of shuttle services at the port, but did relate that there would be metered taxis.  Fair enough, we set out to find a cab.

Columbis at Teneriffe

Columbus at Tenerife

When we arrived at the pier, there were no taxis, so we set off through the cruise port towards the gates.  We did find a few souvenir shops, and while one manager was particularly helpful and friendly, much of what we found was tat.

When we reached the gates, there were the taxis.  BUT, not one of them was prepared to leave the taxi rank for the small fare into town.  Yes, 80 and 100 euro “private tours” were available, but no short trips. So on we went.

Teneriffe 6

Approach to the Plaza

We continued on to the edge of the Plaza, but with mobility issues beginning to take their toll, we decided to cut our losses and return to the ship.  As we entered the cruise port, I was approached by a representative of the Spanish Tourist Board to take a survey.  I bet she wishes she hadn’t asked. I detailed the day’s events, the taxis, etc, etc, etc. I did, however, note I enjoyed Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

Back on board we settled into the Oasis deck and took in the sun.  We did get (a very distant shot) of the Opera House which was on our “to see” list.  Not quite the same though.

Teneriffe 1

Opera House

While not to the Sloop John B standard of bad shore excursions, it has to be my most disappointing to date. “Well tomorrow will be a better day.” We settled in for a sea day and then our first choice destination: Madeira.