What Was That?

Man In Black Suit Jacket Touching His Face

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

What was that inflection in your voice?

That subtle choice of words?

Was it a nuanced thing –

That I have just heard?

Was it as straightforward –

As it all seemed to be?

Or was it all – just me?




Weekend Writing Prompt #167 – Nuance in 38 words



Glasses, Toasting, Cheers, Alcohol


To gallivant in 46 words

What places shall I go?

Should I write of parties lively

Or of exquisite clubs and shows?

Seeking pleasure here and there

Hopping subjects as if they were beds

This I think is the poet’s lot

As we live within our heads


Partying Padre


Weekend Writing Prompt #162 – Gallivant in 46 words