When Writers’ Block Is Another Story

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I had this great plot idea and I sat down at the computer and started to frame it. A basic outline started to come together right away. Then it happened, there in the corner of my mind was a little nugget that just had to see the light of day. So, naturally I wrote it. That done, it was back to the cool plot of high adventure. Well, at least until another great story idea stated whispering in my ear. I jotted down the idea and started back to the major work at hand. “Wait, aren’t you going to finish me?” the other idea called, a bit louder this time. So, I went back to it and fleshed it out. That seemed to make it happy.

If you see a pattern here you aren’t wrong. A few weeks ago I released a “lesser tale” from my fantasy world. It is a short story made of short stories, and they have been tweaked and adapted to make a coherent whole. But the short story is not the project I was working on. It did, however, have to be written in order for it to allow me to get back to the larger work. Sometimes writers’ block is because another tale needs to be told.

I am happy to say that once the short was done and dusted the other came together in record time, and I hope my tale of adventurous scholars will be ready soon.

Happy writing everyone.