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After a week rushing to and fro

The weekend is a time to take it slow

While pressures mount on every weekday

It’s time to decompress on Sat-here-day

Yes, sitting and relaxing

With a game or a snore

No deadlines or directives,

Who could ask for more?



Ghost, Girl, Gothic, Dark, Goth

A whistle

A shrill sound upon the breeze

An incessant sound

That makes me ill at ease

Where does it come from?

Whatever might it mean?

Is it all just in my head?

Or is there something untoward

As yet by me unseen?


Man’s Best Friend

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Is he your fur baby from the moment you met,

Or just money-drain at the vet?

A companion loyal for all time,

Or just another ‘kids’ pet’ in a long line?

Company and friend for the downtrodden in need

Or a money making prop for ‘homeless scroungers’ greed?

A partner to share your long daily walks

Or a confidant who listens quietly when you talk?

Is he these things in part,

Or even more?

Whatever the case,

Remember to get Pedigree Chum at the store


The Dune Wars Lesser Tales

After a long delay, one of the Dune Wars Lesser Tales will soon be coming out as an ebook on Amazon. While parts of this work have previously found their way to this platform, the complete story will tie together loose ends and hopefully make for some enjoyable reading.

Though thought to have been extinct for hundreds of years, reports of a dragon have been circulating in a remote and secretive kingdom. Heroes from the great kingdoms of the age have tried and failed to battle the beast. Now an unlikely champion has emerged. He is the Dragon Hunter.


Sandwich Theory

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I have written on the subject of sandwiches in the past: More Than Something Between Slices of Bread and Crusty Perfection.  In addition, I have posted several recipes for this dietary staple of the Western diet.  I have seen these creations at all levels from slapped together “on the go” food to gourmet treats.  

One origin story behind this food is that the Earl of Sandwich ordered that he be brought sliced cooked meat between slices of bread so that he wouldn’t have to leave the gaming tables.  While it may well be the root of the English name for the stuffed bread snack/meal, I doubt that historically that this was the origin of the food itself.

English sandwiches, in my experience are rather lack-luster, even if they were “invented” here.  When I first moved to England, virtually all sandwiches were bread and butter with something else in between.  Well, at least they all had butter or margarine on them.  Other condiments were possible, but seemingly rare.   Subway and the like were yet to make in-roads, and burgers were a confusing buy.

Yes, burgers were generally called beef burgers, after all they contained no ham.  A vegetable burger was a beef burger with lettuce on it.  Wimpy was around with by American tastes a rather odd flavour, and McDonald’s hadn’t conquered the world as yet.

I find the Dutch terms interesting as well – bread and butter and sandwich are the same word.  “Bread and ham” is another linguistic description , as is “invested bread.”  In Afrikaans – “closed bread” seems to sum up the dish.  I am no expert on the languages, but my rudimentary understanding of them does applaud their accuracy.

Some sandwiches have outstanding bread, others luscious fillings, and yet others lovely sauces.  Fellow blogger Fandango has a regular feature where he asks a provocative question.  I would like to give you one of my own today.  It is a philosopical matter of sandwich theory.   Is a good sandwich one in which the internal ingredients are the most important, and the bread merely a delivery system, or is it about the bread, and the filling is only to augment to flavour?  Let me know your take on this classic.



An Unknown Life

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He was the most prolific writer of his day, if not of all time.  His work spans across the genres – from poetry, to science, history, and fiction.  His knowledge of geography and mythology was encyclopaedic.  He could write straight forward prose or turn a comedic phrase.  Despite this, details of his life are virtually unknown.  I am speaking of course of the famous author, Anonymous.


Weekend Writing Prompt: Unknown in 65 words

Gardening 101

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Yunus Tuğ at Pexels

The latest gadget for mowing my lawn

It works without supervision from the crack of dawn

And when it comes to weed control

There’s no half measures, it does the whole

And it functions on the cheap

But it does tend to distract the sheep


Tough Room

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The Jester gestured with a move obcene

It was a thing unseemly to do before the queen

Before he knew it he was to the dungeon sent

Soon of his rudeness he would repent

For though his gesture brought smiles to some

It resulted in him loosing his hands and tongue

So if you a tough room a performance make

Be sure not to repeat that clown’s mistake