gold and silver trophy on brown wooden shelf

Nikola Đuza at Unsplash

It’s not used – it’s pre-loved

The wear and tear signs of affection

So, consider them not when considering the cost

When giving it your pre-purchase inspection

It really is one of a kind

And one with promise of re-use

It’s not one to just throw away

For to do so there’s no excuse

Go on and buy it – you know you want to

It will be surely love by you too


Weekend Writing Prompt #223 – Pre-loved in 71 words



For some they’re treasure –

For others trash –

For the seller  –

They’re ready cash


Spread on a table, or upon a sheet

You would amazed by the bargains sweet.

You never know what you might find –

Like a first edition – by the author signed.


So whether yard sale,  car boot,  or bazaar

Have loose change ready –

Be it Dollars, Euros,

Pounds or Dinar




Friday March 6, 2020 Writing Prompt Inspiration Call: Yard Sale Finds