Themed Fictions and Published Works

Visitor in the Night

Visitor in the Night

Four young women have disappeared from small villages in Norfolk’s Broads.  Now rumours are starting to circulate that there is a vampire involved, and that it has all happened before.  Detective Inspector Hardwick will have his hands full as the dark mystery unfolds.

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Zoe Means Life

Zoe Means Life

Norfolk shop assistant, Zoe Mayhill will never be the same.  Her encounter with Patrick Malone in the Norfolk Broads has been transformational.  As she comes to grips with her new life, it seems that only London can meet her dark needs.

Zoe Means Life

The Sisters Tales


In the aftermath of the Dunes War a disparate band of women seek to make a stand against their misfortunes.  Will they find what they are looking for at the end of their journey?

The Sisters Tales – Expanded Complete Book

The Scholars Tales

A chance discovery of an antique document in a university library leads a handful of students to venture into lands and situations that their upbringing had ill prepared them for. Before them are both some historical truths that shake their understanding of their place in the world, and an artefact that can potentially rock the academic establishment.

The Scholars Tales

The Dragon Hunter Tales

After centuries of absence, a dragon has appeared in a remote corner of the world. Heroes from all of the great kingdoms have tried and failed to rid the realm of the beast. It is into this backdrop that an unlikely champion arrives, and the legend of the Dragon Hunter takes shape.

The Dragon Hunter Tales: A Dune Wars Lesser Tale

The Rosemen Tales

Bk 2 The Rosemen Tales (3)

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In the second of the Dunes War Tales, a high profile murder opens up an ever widening investigation.  Are the misfits of the Ninth Precinct up to the challenge?

The City*

The Service: A Roseman Tale

The Mead Case: A Roseman Tale

Lifson and Fuller

Watchman Binman: A Roseman Tale

Losing One’s Head: A Roseman Tale

Barns: A Roseman Tale

Newt Wizki: A Roseman Tale

The Stakeout: A Roseman Tale

Read All About It: A Roseman Tale

Something in the Wind: A Roseman Tale

Briefs and Debriefs

The Anvil: A Roseman Tale

Trixner: A Roseman Tail

The Funeral: A Roseman Tale

The Detection Branch*

The Museum Heist*

Residue: A Roseman Tale

Late and Update*

Raiders of the Lost Art: A Roseman Tale


News From Afar*


Sweet Young Thing*

Abak Sahir*

House Call*

Up North*

Blessed of The First



The Exchange: A Roseman Tale

The Vision


Meeting Rita: A Roseman Tale

More Stakeouts




Schribner and Gates

Rene Evoquer





Oldbridge’s Triumph



Alfonso Sagasius KC: A Rosemans Tale (Part One -The Remmie Case)

Alfonso Sagasius KC: A Rosemans Tale (Part Two – The Trial)

“Well Hello Officers”: A Roseman Tale

The Cousins Tales

Twenty-five years after their aunts and mothers had braved mountains and deserts in search of treasure, six cousins return to an abandoned temple in search of adventure and treasures of their own.  All is not what it seems, however, as international affairs and a new evil bring them into the heart of the Ralulee Sultanate.

Bk 4 The Cousins Tales

Honey: A Cousins Tale

The Mirror and the Keys: A Cousins Tale

The Act: A Cousins Tale


Under the Bridge*

The Wailing*

The Trading Post*




The Meal*

Oregon Trail Tales


The Little Train:

The Little Company: Boss Little

The Little Company: Stubby

The Prairie Sky’s Welcome


Legend of the Man-Wolf

Rude Awakening

The Decision

End of the Trail

The Hunt Train:

Awaiting Discovery


The Business

The Rest

The Monks Tales


The Hermit

The Initiation

The Visage

The H

The Porter’s Bag

The Tailor