That Case (Part 2)

Noir, Evidence, Murder, Offense, Investigation, Police

Виктория Бородинова at Pixabay

“Okay, I know you must have seen the file,” Detective Kowalsky said, “or you wouldn’t be here.”

“Yes, but is there anything you didn’t write?  Any details that you left out, or that seemed out of place, or suspicions you couldn’t substantiate?” Bridges asked.

“More that you want to know,” the old policeman responded followed by a subdued snort.

“Is there something funny?” Bridges asked.

“Not haha funny,” Kowalsky said.

“Come on Curt, what aren’t you telling me?”

“Okay, I’ll take it back to the beginning,” Kowalsky said.

Detective Lieutenant Bridges took out his iPhone and began recording as the old man cleared his throat and sat back on his bed.

“We got a call of a suspected homicide at the old Buttons Bar.  By the time I got there the forensics boys had already tagged everything.  Katherine “Kate” Delano, aged thirty-four was there on the floor.  Her eyes still staring.  Looked like she had tried to phone someone, though no number had been dialed.  She also had a fully loaded pistol.”

“Yeah, I knew about the phone and the gun.  Could someone have phoned her?” Bridges asked.

“Phone company said there were no calls in or out that whole weekend,” Kowalsky replied.  “Her prints were on the receiver though, and on the gun.  On the silencer too, for that matter.”

“Silencer?” Bridges questioned.

“I thought you would have noticed it in the photos. Our Ms. Delano was anything but ‘sugar and spice.’  I still have never worked out why she didn’t shoot or if she just didn’t see it coming.  She was known to be crack shot, and not just on the range – though we were never able to pin anything on her.”

“Snuck up on from behind?” Bridges suggested.

“Doesn’t fit the crime scene, she was aiming at something,” the older cop replied.

“So assailant was known to her?”

“It’s possible, but she didn’t seem to be the trusting type,” Kowalsky observed.  “Whatever the case though, there wasn’t a mark on her body.  Not so much as a print or stray hair.  But she was dead enough.  Coroner said it was like she was frozen to death, but not hypothermia.  Her heart was frozen.  Not a heart-attack – her damn heart was like a block of ice.”

“That’s what I found concerning and it’s why I’ve come to see you.  I’ve got a new ‘unexplained’ in the same neighbourhood, same cause of death, and twenty-five years and just two buildings separating the cases.”


(to be continued)




Sunday Writing Prompt – Choosing your Context: Concerning

New Course Bound

Egypt, Man, Bedouin, Desert, Sheep, Hot, People


Jethro was growing concerned about his son-in-law.  He hadn’t seemed quite himself since he arrived home.  Something must have happened out there, but what?

“Jethro, I need to be away for awhile, and I’m not sure exactly how long,” his son-in-law finally announced.

“Where are you going?” the kindly old man asked.

“Egypt, there is something I need to do there.”

And that was that.  Moses had always been a little different, Jethro supposed.


Destiny’s encounter – in the wilderness

A flame divinely kindled found

His past he could no longer suppress

His life’s journey now on a new course bound




Exodus 3


August Bible Poem 2







That Case (Part 1)

Noir, Evidence, Murder, Offense, Investigation, Police

Виктория Бородинова at Pixabay

Detective Kowalsky starred up from his backgammon board at the man who had just spoken to him.  It wasn’t every day that he received visitors, and never unexpectedly like this.

“Yes, I’m Curtis Kowalsky,” he replied. “Who wants to know?”

“I’m Detective Lieutenant Bridges, and I’d like to ask you about one of your old cases, Detective.”

“Why?  Someone trying to overturn a conviction or something?”

“No Sir, nothing like that.  It’s about one of your ‘unsolveds.’  We have one that’s come up that’s similar,” Bridges replied.

“Which one?” the old detective queried.

“The Delano Case,” the younger policeman responded.

Kowalsky turned pale for a moment, then looked around the day room.  Seeing a nurse he waved her over.

“Milly, be a dear and help me to my room, and don’t start to ramble on about rules, but this man is going to accompany us there.  This is police business.”

Mr. Curt, you know . . . ”

“Not a word of it Milly.  Please, just do what I ask.”

She relented and helped the aged detective into his walking frame, and then escorted him and Bridges to his room.

“A half hour, no more.  Do you understand?” she said.

“Yes -yes an hour!” Kowalsky replied.  “And shut the door behind you.”

Milly shook her head, started to say something, and then departed.

“That case,” Kowalsky said, when she had left. “That case ruined my life.”

“I’m sorry to have to bring it up then, Detective Kowalsky.” Bridges said apologetically.  “It is important to though, I’m afraid.”

“Just call me Curt, and let’s get on with it,” the old man said drawing in a deep breath.




FOWC with Fandango — Ramble

Sea Dream Tableau

Boy, Ship, Sailor, Kids, Sea, View, Childhood, Nicely

Виктория Бородинова at Pixabay*


When I grow up, I
Will a mariner –
So hearty become.
Like father before
Me – Who left only
His seafaring dreams.

When I have grown up
A mariner too,
A man like Father,
A bold sailor he,
Now lost in briny
Sea. His legacy?

When I have become
A man of the sea,
I will storms defy
And I unlike my
father – will refuse
In the waves to die.




*While this poem is the construction of my imagination, it was stirred not only by the prompt but by the art and photography of Victoria Borodinova.  Her work on Pixabay is well worth looking at for inspiration and illustration.  This present photo, which I came across a few days ago, has been weighing in my mind, waiting for this prompt to find its poetic release.

Saturday Mix – The Tableau

“The Tableau, a poetry form created by Emily Romano in October of 2008, consists of one or more verses, each having six lines. Each line should have five beats. There is no set rhyme scheme, although rhyme may be present. The title should contain the word tableau.”

The Misanthrope

Villa, Chateau, Residence, Manor House, Country House



“You need to be gett’n off my property,” Roger Lowell shouted at the men on his porch.

“Mr. Lowell, we’re with the Police, and need a brief word with you.  May we come in?”

“Do it right there, or not at all,” Lowell replied.

“Yes Sir, we can do it that way,” Officer Brown assured him.

“What’s this ’bout?  I bet it’s that damn pith-helmeted scoundrel.  Coming up here pound’n on my door like a fury.”

“Yes, it’s about the postman.  He says you’re bit of a misanthrope.”

“I ain’t no misan-anything.  Don’t care for people much – is all.”




Weekend Writing Prompt #169 – Misanthrope in 99 words








CCC #91

“Begone from me, Spirit!” Scrooge implored.

Yet, the apparition remained unmoved before him.

“Tell me, Spirit,” he trembled, “are the things I have read tonight already published, or might some editorial hand yet intervene?”

It was then that the Ghost of Crispina Future lifted a low carb snack to her lips, and Scrooge knew his literary fate was sealed.




CCC 91

Ritual Expression


Tale Weaver

Bushlands 6 Site – Dig Journal 6 August 2020 CE :

Today professor Carmichael and myself entered the second lateral cavern of the complex.  While we had previously encountered black and ocher images in the main cavern and in the space now designated as Annex 1, we found the south wall of this space (Annex 2) to be completely covered with images.  To our amazement pinks and blues augmented the black and ocher figures.

Carmichael is sure this is a neolithic ritual chamber, and that the black five “fingered” feature near the top of Photograph A, is the representation of hand making offerings to a deity.  He speculates that the pink circular feature above it represents fruit and the ocher cactus shaped feature to its right the source of the fruit.  While analysis of the remaining representations is ongoing, we nonetheless feel confident of the ritual nature of this Annex 2 (Hereafter noted as : “Temple” Annex.)

18 August 1981

“Hurry up man,”  Davy urged.  “The fumes are killing me.”

“Yeah, but it still isn’t quite right,” Tony replied.

“Man, you do my head in sometimes,” Davy complained.

“Will you two hurry up?” Connie called from the bigger cave.  “My mum said I need to be back before Eight.”

“I think that has it now,” Tony said.  “Its just like the pattern I saw when we had those shrooms.”

“Well  – I only saw flashing lights, Dude, and Cons crashed too fast to tell us what she saw,” Davy remarked.

“Guys, I am getting pissed off now. Come on!” Connie bellowed.

“Coming,” Tony called.

“Hey, we need to take those spray cans with us,” Davy said. “My dad will have a cow if he sees they’re missing from his shed.”




Tale Weaver:  “This week compose a story in which on a walk through bushland you discover a cave with mysterious markings on the walls. Write your interpretation of the symbols . . . .”


The Esplanade Escapade


MorgueFIle March2020 5505949277945981e863844c582745fc

The Esplanade Gang met in front of the ice cream kiosk at the appointed hour.

“Okay, everyone seems to be here,” A, their leader said.

“Not yet,” C observed. “F is missing.”

“No, I have her on a job,” A responded.  “Okay, you lot know that things have been tight lately with the Lock-down and all.”

“Yeah, hardly even enough to eat,” chubby G piped in.

“Exactly, tourism is down, and so are our pickings,” A observed.  “Well all that is about to change.  We are going to expand our patch and muscle in on the Cliffies’ turf.”

“Is that smart, Boss?” C challenged.

“I thought about that, and as I see it, there is one area that we can move in on that they won’t raise a fuss over.”

“Were’s that?” C asked skeptically.

“The lighthouse,” A announced.

“That place is a fortress,” several objected.

“Yes, but workman have been seen with sandwiches and even chips,” A said with an enticing voice.

“Count me in,” G said immediately.

And so the Lighthouse Escapade was hatched by the gulls of the Esplanade Gang.




FOWC with Fandango — Escapade


Lakeland Forever!

Architecture, Fence, Border, Closed, Protected, Secret


The “Riven Times” were coming to an end.  For a half-century, the country had been divided as the result of a partition after the late war.  But the war was not the only thing that seemed to have been lost, the very sense of a national identity had been abandoned by many in the South as well.

To be fair, the idea of reunification and of being a united nation had arisen twenty years before, when international affairs seemed to favour self determination, but this proved to be evanescent.  A hopeful few, which held a faith that the land would again be one, verecundly waited their day to come.  And this would be that day.

Alex walked his post on the partition line.  Across the fenced boundary he could see the vague silhouette of the Northern soldier, as he too walked his post.  Who is this man? Alex allowed himself to wonder.  Was this a total stranger with different values, or some long lost cousin separated from him by time and political events?

Alex shook the thoughts from his mind and stared up at the stars.  There were several hours to go yet before the break of day, and the changes that the new morn would bring.  Till then he would need to do his duty and walk his post as yesterday’s snow crunched softly underneath his feet.

About an hour before dawn people began to arrive along the frontier.  This created some apprehension on Alex’s part.  He knew the border was to open, but his orders were sketchy at best.  Will it be as soon as the sun rises?  Noon maybe?  That would symbolic an hour, he mused.

The sun rose to a chilly morning, and hundreds of people now gathered near the crossing.  As the morning wore on, the crowds grew, and many were showing a distinct lack of patience.  Alex felt the weight of his duty all the more now.  The standing orders were clear, “No person without explicit clearance shall cross the border on pains of death.”  How could I stop such a crowd?  Would I want to?  Not today of all days.

At Nine O’Clock, Alex’s relief failed to arrive.  At Ten, an officer came and after a brief conversation on the radio, began to obfuscate to the frustrated crowd.

“The border will open today, as per the treaty agreement, and you will be able to freely pass.  The details are being arranged as we speak,” he assured them.

At noon, several official vehicles, along with dignitaries and reporters arrived.  A boring speech was made, and Alex was ordered to slowly open the gate.  News cameras captured the moment when young Corporal Alex Alexson lifted the barrier, and was the first to step across the frontier, and into the arms of the welcoming Northern soldier.

Jubilant crowds then streamed both ways across the border chanting “Lakeland Forever!”



Wordle #200:  “We have a special 20 word wordle in honor of the 200th Wordle . . . . Choose at least 15 words.

Obfuscate– to make obscure or unclear: to obfuscate a problem with extraneous information.
Evanescent– vanishing; fading away; fleeting.
Verecund– bashful; modest

Intelligence Report

Ufo, Spaceship, Aircraft, Drive, Nozzles, Research


“Is the intelligence report ready, Lieutenant Zorg?”

“Yes Commander” the Vivivian replied.

“A brief synopsis, please,” the Commander instructed.

“Very good, Commander.  The third planet has limited useful resources owing to over exploitation, but may well be a viable contact opportunity.  Our analysis of the communications from the planet suggest that the two dominant species seem to be “Humanians” and “Covidians,” though we have only really been able to decipher the communications of the former.  It seems that there is presently a conflict, and the Humanians are in disarray at recent offensive moves by the Covidians.”

“Interesting” the Commander said. “Continue.”

“As I have said, this is all from the Humanian perceptive and they are divided in their responses.  The two biggest factions seem to be Maskers and Anti-Maskers.”

“Maskers?” the Commander queried.

“Ah yes – masks seem to be some sort of artificial barriers that are placed over the respiratory organs of these creatures.”

“Hmm,” the Commander said contemplatively.

“The whole thing seems to have led to unrest as well with many Humanians avoiding the hostilities by isolating themselves and maintaining a distance from others of their species of what we calculate to be 0.6 of a Xeih.   Others, however seem to be calling for the “taking of a knee,” some sort of bending of one of their self-propulsion organs.  This seems to be resisted by one of the three main species leaders, a um, yes that’s it, Trump.”

“So they have a divided command structure?”

“Yes Commander – the other world leaders seem to be a Fauci, and a Greta.  That is all we have at the moment though.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. I think we will wait for their hostilities to end before we land and offer them universal health and happiness.  They don’t seem prepared for it yet.”