Her intellect on show was luminous

And her breadth of knowledge quite voluminous

And yet when she rose to on politics speak

The anger of her audience began to peak



One of the ongoing trials of being an educator is dealing with students that have an overblown sense of their own comedic prowess. The proverbial class clowns often call out with inappropriate comments which fail to achieve the heights of humour which they envisioned. This usually leads to their outbursts being reprimanded and a scramble to bring the lesson back on course.

I was recently teaching a lesson on religious responses to social injustice, and to prejudice and discrimination in particular. As we were working on the vocabulary that is necessary for such a study, I asked for the definition of homophobia, to which one student called out “Homerphobia is the fear of the Simpson’s.” The response caught me off-guard, and while still needing to be challenged, I could help but to tip my hat to the wit.


So Inclined


Be good to each other

And all will be fine

Try not to be selfish

If you are that way inclined

Work together in all that you do

These are some tips

To cite just a few

Try to keep those positive attitudes

Especially when dealing with my ongoing platitudes


Dark Essence

Photo credit Pobble 365


Visage in the mirror reflected

But essence captured – apprehended

Locked away building stronger

Until it cannot be contained any longer

And then the essence will run free

A life its own in a nocturnal spree

Doing all that you in the daytime stifle

Your true intentions expressed without reprisal

What dark thoughts do hide away?

That will cause mischief if allowed to play?




Things that are hidden have a way

Of being discovered in the light of day

This was true when Adam went astray

Hiding in bushes when he failed to obey

Hoping that God wouldn’t look that way

One simple commandment – he failed test

Eating the fruit exposed his nakedness

Ashamed he hid – his life in a mess

Sin as it does – causing distress

Discovered by God – he made excuses

Blaming Eve for the rule’s abuses

But that too failed the hide him from blame

And his life would never again be the same




There are those who conform and with others stay

And yet some others that choose to go their own way

Some that adhere to the accepted mores

Passing judgement on those that go astray

But the outliers don’t see it that way

Bringing new perspectives into play

Which path is correct – I cannot say

But I tend to conform – it’s safer that way