CCC #99

Sometimes a journey never feels as lonely, as does one taken with others.  The tour group was a diverse collection of individuals.  They were strangers brought together by the promise of “shared” discovery.  Thus far, all Helen had discovered was that the loud blonde, Ellen smoked too much and used every opportunity to cloud the doorway.  Rita spent at least half of the travel time in the loo, and queues usually formed while others waited for her to “finish.”

So much for adventure and commradery.  The next time she went to London, Helen concluded, she was going to drive herself.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #99


Guy, Man, People, Dark, Shadow, Hands, Sad, Crying

“I’m here for you” is the thing you say,

But your tone and manner say “Go away.”

You do not seem to feel my pain

You response to it is quite inane

Have you ever felt low ebb

Or is your heart just in your head

I do not need your sympathy

But for you just to stand with me



Record Breaking

Harimao Lee

Family tradition held that Great-great (or something like that) Granddaddy Reynolds had conquered the east cliff-face in a mere six hours back in 1887.  It was quite a matter of pride on Mom’s side of the family.  But now Sammy was a little less impressed.  The view was pretty spectacular at the top, but he didn’t think too much of the family “record.”  After all he just got to the top in five minutes.  So what was the big fuss about?  Sammy was pretty sure he’d never understand grown-ups.


Photo Challenge #334

Route 64

white flowers in black glass vase
Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

I-40’s faster – down through Jackson ways

But old 64’s what I remember from my Memphis days

Long hot evening-drives through cotton fields

Car windows open against the stifling still

Yes, old 64’s what I remember from my Memphis days

It amazing what you recall  – from just seeing a vase




Photo Prompt




The Ring

Jewelry, Gold Ring, Golden Ring


It was a Coup de Foudre, the viewing of the ring.  The sumptuous coil of gold, melded with subtle hints of silver.  This was no mere souvenir of the journey to Venice, but a true Renaissance masterpiece of a long-dead master.

Hillary could just imagine him in his leggings and pantaloons, proudly holding his creation between thumb and forefinger to accentuate its lustre to his patron.  

How the craftsman would have smiled as patted the coins tucked into his no longer empty pouch.  The smile clearly mirrored by Hillary as she slid the crisp Euros across the counter to make the magnificent ring her own.




Wordle #208












Coup de Foudre– “love at first sight”