Forest Retreat

photo by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

House in the woods – secluded retreat

A place to escape the crowds that you daily meet

A time for quiet, a time to rewind, before returning to the daily grind



Mixer Tap, Tap, Water, Faucet, Kitchen

Although at times you annoyingly drip

I count on you so I can have a sip

Without you meals would not be the same

And the dishes would stack up and block the drain

Though a small fixture you punch above your weight

But please stop dripping, I can’t concentrate


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Write about an inanimate object in your home that you can’t do without, but don’t name it

Tales of Yore

Relief, Metal, Wall Plate, Golden, Iron

Strike up the harp and sing me a song

Sing me tales of elder days gone by

Skillfully play chords – a melody that moves

And lifts our hearts and imaginations high

Sing of elven magic and dwarven gold

Familiar tales form days of old

And then sit back and drink with me

As we toast the great names of yore

And for your bardic efforts grand

Let me your first glass pour



Ghost, Girl, Gothic, Dark, Goth

A whistle

A shrill sound upon the breeze

An incessant sound

That makes me ill at ease

Where does it come from?

Whatever might it mean?

Is it all just in my head?

Or is there something untoward

As yet by me unseen?



Waterfalls, Rainbow, Man, Open Arms

Is this all that life holds in store?

No indeed, there’s so much more

A baptism of fire in which to bathe

Beyond John’s dipping – our souls to save*

To be so filled – we rise in potential

Being showered in gifts that for the church are essential**

Some to be prophets, teachers, and guides

And so many more than these besides***

These are available to the brave

That are prepared to be witnesses – others to save

For those who answer the Spirit’s call

You shall be amazed by it all

With head annointed, and soul restored****

A life abundant and so much more


Inspired by Pastor Vince’s sermon for today

*Acts 19

**Acts 2

***Ephesians 4:11

****Psalm 23